Truth is Beyond the Senses

If we visit a canyon and call into it, our voice will naturally reverberate around and return to us. Do we actually hear our voice? No, we are hearing the echoes of our voice. If we stand under the night sky and look up at the stars, are we actually seeing those stars? We are not seeing the stars; we are seeing light they’ve emitted perhaps millions of years ago. Our hearing and our seeing is misleading. When we look at the stars, we are seeing the reflection of something that happened millions of years ago. Are we looking into the past or the future? What are we seeing? Are we seeing reality? Not really. We’re seeing a reflection of reality. When make a sound and it reverberates back to us, are we hearing reality or an echo of reality?

What we see, what we hear, and our senses, in general, are not really telling us the truth. That’s an interesting dilemma because most of us rely on our senses for the truth; however, these examples show us that we cannot really rely on our senses to reveal to us the truth. Where does truth reside?

Truth resides prior to the senses. It resides in the spark of the Divine in us that’s connected to all of consciousness prior to time, space, and I Am-ness. The truth resides prior to That. But if we cannot rely on our senses for truth, what can we rely on to get any perception of the truth? We can only rely on the direct experience of who we are. It is beyond the senses. We need faith to access it. This faith is not mere belief. It is a faith that is the result of an inner experience. We have faith that our inner experience is closer to the truth. Faith resides prior to time and space. It resides prior to creation. This gives us a different understanding of how to live our lives.

The Tao Te Ching reveals a simple way of thinking that says, “There’s only the flow.” Our work is to understand that we are that flow. How do we arrive at this perception? Faith. In the Biblical scriptures (Habbakuk 2:4) it says, “The righteous live by their faith alone.” This is neither faith in some theory or in something someone told you, but, rather, it is faith in your inner experience of who you are, and having the courage to live by it.

When we look at world events, we are forced to rely on faith because we’re not being told any level of truth. If we rely on our senses, we cannot know what’s going on. The senses provide us with outdated information, much like the reflected light from the stars. Only through faith in the inner experience can we begin to penetrate into the flow.
How do we access this inner experience? Everything around us orients us toward outer experiences. We’re screen addicted, but we have to screen all that out and go within.

The Six Foundations provide us with tools we can use to turn our focus inward.

The Six Foundations for Spiritual Life and the Awakening of Kundalini include:

1) Spiritual Nutrition – a vegan, organic live-food, high-mineralized, low-sugar, and high-hydration diet and spiritual fasting.
2) Building Prana (Life Force) – yoga asanas, pranayama (breathing practices), the Ophanim (the energetics of the Hebrew letters), T’ai Chi, Reiki, Tachyon Energy or other energy practices, and sacred dance. These all enhance and expand the consciousness of the body-mind complex, filling it with increased life force energy or prana.
3) Service and Charity – In the process of service and charity, we are able to face our attachments to things (seva), as well as to feel our connection to all of the family of humanity. This helps to expand consciousness through the direct experience.
4) Spiritual Guidance and Inspiration – Satsang, being in the energy of Truth in the presence of a liberated or awakened spiritual teacher. Satsang gives meaning, value, heart, and energy to spiritual wisdom teachings and spiritual life energetics. In the Kabbalah, satsang is termed yechidut. Sangha or kehila (chavurah), which is spending time with spiritual people or community. Expanding and refining the mind with spiritual wisdom teachings, the great scriptures such as Zohar, the Torah, the Tao Te Ching, the Vedas, great mystical poetry such as that of Hafitz, Rumi, and Blake. Wisdom literature helps formulate and focus our consciousness and expand it. Zero Point, sacred music, and spending time in nature are also part of this Foundation.
5) Holy Silence – meditation, prayer, repetition of mantra (hagia), and chanting (in the God focused traditions). In the end, as you begin to connect more and more with yourself through meditation, you find that you need to meditate less and less because you’re already hooked into it. You are the flow.
6) Kundalini Awakening – Shaktipat initiation (S’micha M’shefa/Haniha), which is the awakening of the Divine force that is resting in potential within us. This is known as the descent of Grace. It usually occurs through a living enlightened spiritual leader, but may occur spontaneously. Once the spiritual energy is activated, it begins to spontaneously move through our body, spiritualizing every cell, every aspect of the DNA, every chakra, every nadi (which are the channels of the subtle nervous system), every organ and every tissue, so that all consciousness becomes activated into the next evolutionary stage.

These all bring you into a deep faith of knowing who you are. When you know who you are you naturally become part of the flow. This is the secret of life. We naturally begin to live in a way that leads us inward toward the truth. We begin to screen out the outer world. It doesn’t mean we don’t interact with the outer world, but we begin to apply the direct apperception of the inner spiritual dimensions to the physical plane. By combining the spiritual with the physical we are able to live as the flow.

May everyone be blessed with the ability to go deeper and deeper into the truth of who we are through our faith, so that we can live as the flow of consciousness unfolding in our lives and on this planet.