To Everything There Is a Season

In Ecclesiastes King Solomon said something very wise. He said there is a season for everything. I am not talking about Christmas, New Year’s, and Easter. When he said there is a season for everything, what was he talking about? There is a time to be warlike; there is a time to be peaceful; there is a time to be quiet; there is a time to be noisy; there is a time to be happy; there is a time to be sad; there is a time to lead; and there is a time to follow. He goes on and on, but you get the point. King Solomon was talking about timings and cycles.

As I look at the chaos in the world and the decibels of hatred that people are pushing at each other (which I call loud), there is a counter point – meditation and silence. Silence is a starting point. In our world, when people are speaking so authoritatively and self-righteously about right and wrong, everyone has a different opinion and are often willing to hurt other people with differing views. This hatefulness and separation is excessive, and unbalanced gevurah. The other side of this Tree of Life paradigm is chesed, which is sweetness, open-heartedness, and heart-connectedness. As we have moved into this very disturbed gevurah level of functioning in the world, the rebalancing answer is the chesed energies and quietness. This means less judgment and less unsolicited advice. This means not taking the position that separate people out from each other but looking at how we connect. How do we see our oneness in the midst of all the fractionation.  It is a time of going inside and a time of quiet observation. It is a move from angry entitlement to how we can be giving and supportive to each other in the consciousness of love and oneness.

There has to be some order and some harmony as people work together, of course but that is not what I’m talking about. I am talking about moving toward connection and to heart wisdom. It means moving to sweetness in communication. Words carry energy. Words can carry love. Words can carry light. If we start all of our words with the power of light and love, our words then carry that to whatever direction to whomever we are speaking. Words have power and what we load them up with is key. In the world of communication, we are talking about meta-communication. We are talking about increasing the awareness behind our words and understanding how it affects people. This shift is key. Being quiet, loving, and thoughtful from the position of chesed, one actually begins to rebalance the world. All that happens affects us. We are not separate from the world. We also have the ability in how we communicate and how we think and how we work together to create a chesed rebalancing until we get to the place of tiferet or inner balance and outer balance with each other. Known as “beauty”, tiferet is a counterpoint to the separation energies of the world. It affects every aspect of our work. It is a time for chesed, which is softer and more loving in that way.

The Tree of Life here in Patagonia, Arizona is a small community, and we are doing well. Part of our dharma is to keep holding and building that energy rather than being affected by the much more polarized outer world. As we flow with the deep, deep wisdom of King Solomon, may we be blessed that we are able to take it into our lives and be the counter point of what is going on in the world by activating love and beauty in the internal world.

May everybody be blessed with that ability to go into our chesed quality of who we are and to be able to spread that to each other and to the world.