The Secret of Growing High Vibrational Food

Our gardens provide the Tree of Life Café with year-round harvests of fresh and delicious veggies, greens and sprouts that consistently receive rave reviews.  Guests from around the world confirm that the food grown in our gardens and served by our Café is the most delicious and nutritious food they have ever tasted.  So what’s our secret?

We use sustainable veganic gardening methods, including effective microorganisms (EM), humic acids, seaweed extract, sea-crop ocean water concentrate, mycorrhizal fungi inoculant, composting, and cover crops.  These methods, combined with our gifted gardeners and chefs, work synergistically to produce our beautiful 100% organic, raw vegan cuisine.

For the purpose of this article we will take a closer look at effective microorganisms (EM). EM is an all-natural blend of beneficial micro-organisms that do the work of cleansing and revitalization.  The microbes introduced by EM support the growth of other beneficial organisms including mycchorrizae, earthworms, and insects already in your soil and plants.

The secret to EM’s widespread success is its capacity to remove harmful toxins and restore regenerative balance to its environment.  Since microbes convert organic matter to a usable food source for plants, fruits and vegetables will not only taste better, they will be more nutritious.

Use of EM has spread to millions of households and thousands of farms around the world and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Improves drought tolerance
  • Restores the natural balance of healthy soil
  • Naturally loosens compacted soil
  • Improves seed germination and root development
  • OMRI Listed
  • Increases nutrient availability
  • Improves plant quality: size, color, and shelf life
  • Accelerates conversion of organic matter into soil humus
  • Increases beneficial microbial activity

Applying EM is very simple. Just fill the reservoir of a hose-end sprayer with EM, as you would with any fertilizer, and spray all your plants. For best results spray once per week throughout the growing season and pre-treat all your organic matter (potting soil, peat moss, compost, etc.) We suggest one ounce per gallon (2 TBS) for all plants. The best time to spray is early evening.

Scientific investigation into EM continues and is ever-expanding.  In some countries, the government agencies have become involved in teaching farmers and other groups about the benefits of using EM.  To learn more about EM and other veganic gardening methods we invite you to join the Tree of Life gardening team for our upcoming Conscious Gardening Program.   The Tree of Life Conscious Gardening Program educates and empowers participants to grow organic fruits, vegetables, and sprouts using veganic agriculture, nature farming, and spiritual gardening principles to produce high-nutrient, high-vibrancy food year-round.