The Real Illusion of Similitude

Koach Ha Me De Mah means moving from the nothing to the something and then back into the nothing.  On one level everything is real.  People who like to speak about the Absolute will maintain that nothing on the physical plane is real – that it’s all an illusion.  This is partly true, but it is not the whole truth.  In the teachings of ancient kabalistic wisdom, things emerge and appear to be real, and, just as we have the material plane reality, it disappears again. This is consistent with the physics. Things oscillate so fast they appear to be real, and, then again, they disappear.  It appears that there is something when there really isn’t.  The teaching is the same.

What is the teaching?  The teaching is that we live in this complex reality in which nothing is really happening… Nothing ever happened… Nothing is ever going to happen… Everything has already happened.  This is quite a paradox, and to understand it is to experience and integrate the paradox. The concept of the “Illuminated Maya” is one way of explaining this.  I am not sharing philosophy, as all religions or philosophies are holy lies.  Instead I am talking about a way of relating to the world that empowers you to grow spiritually. As things emerge out of the Nothing and disappear back into the Nothing, we realize that we are both not part of it and, simultaneously, part of it.

This simultaneous quality is what then begins to help us wake up to and to hold what is going on, and, paradoxically, what isn’t going on.  Our evolutionary spiritual test is how to live in the paradox.  One needn’t choose sides.  It’s all one.  There are multiple levels of Universe.  One may witness the flow and understand that we are part of the flow, and that flow is going nowhere and everywhere for the sake of evolution. It’s all for our spiritual development.  That is the paradox, and because it’s paradoxical it’s complicated; however, if we can hold both worldviews simultaneously, the dual (the physical plane) and the non-dual, we may have a uniquely awakened relationship with both the physical and non-physical universe.  We are not in contradiction, but, rather, a cosmic flow akin to inhalation and exhalation.

We don’t have to understand why creation happened, or even if it really did happen?  The question is, “How can relate to that so that we can wake up?”  If we view the world as unreal, it doesn’t help to awaken us because we are too disconnected from it to experience and play through all of our attachments and all of our misunderstandings.  The dual aspect of creation is there for our evolution.  The question then is, “Is there any evolution?” It is all one, and it’s all simultaneous.  Is there such a thing as spiritual evolution?

A nihilistic perspective doesn’t help us shift internally. By developing the perception of Koach Ha Me De Mah, the power of moving into and out of the Nothing, we can engage in our similitude.  It appears to be, although it doesn’t really exist.  This gives us a way of coming into real peace with our dualistic world.

We come to peace by seeing that everything is coming and going, and this requires presence.  There are cosmic rules and natural laws unfolding that require us to be present rather than detached. This worldview gives us a setting to grow in.  Our whole universe is playing out in front of us and our growth depends on us actively playing in it while at the same time understanding that it is coming out of and returning to the Nothing. If you think about it too much you’ll get a headache, because this is a spiritual apperception and not an intellectual construct.  Indeed, it is a paradox.

Paradox is key to understanding spiritual life.  By learning to live with that paradox and to perceive it as the paradox of the illumination, we can be at peace with all that’s happening.

May everybody be blessed with the ability to embrace the paradox of the power of similitude.