The Power Of What

We are multi-dimensional beings, operating on every level. We are neither solely up here nor down here. This helps us to understanding our unique dharmic expressions.
I’m going to digress and help you with some of this terminology. Important to understand, firstly, is that we are neither fully material nor are we fully spiritual. The spiritual is imbued within the material plane. The mystery also resides within the material plane. The material plane is not really material. The term koach mah can help us to understand this. Koach mah is a Hebrew phrase, meaning “the mystery of what”. What?
This is the key to manifesting our unique dharma. I’ve now painted a larger picture for you, but let’s get into the details of this.

Enlightenment requires that we awaken to our sovereign beingness and our sovereign unique expression. One immersed in the Matrix cannot awaken from the Matrix unless they understand what they really are – an expression of the Divine. That requires an awareness of our unique expression. This is not an egocentric statement. People use this teaching to bolster their ego. That aside, in the alignment of service with the Divine, we become unique expressions of the Divine. Our particular body/mind psychological apparatus is used in alignment in fulfilling the Divine expression for healing the planet and healing ourselves. When we are in service, we don’t have our idea of what the expression is. That expression manifests as it does.

Enlightenment isn’t some kind of stamp and everyone comes out the same. It is just the opposite.

The fire of enlightenment expresses as unique flames emanating from it. There is a stereotypical myth that enlightenment presents as uniformity. In the Indian stereotype, you will have a beard and long robes. This is distinctly separate from the truth of it. In enlightenment each person is a unique, sovereign expression. Notice that I didn’t say “egocentric expression” – I said sovereign expression.

We live in a world that doesn’t honor that. The world would prefer that each person simply be a mechanical part of the military industrial complex… that each person be an intellectual, mental, spiritual slave to this complex.

We are talking about something very different from this. We are talking about each one’s unique, sovereign expression of the Divine, having nothing at all to do with the powers that be on the physical plane. When you get that you begin to understand that there is a political cleverness that enlightened people have to make it work. When you are a unique expression of the Divine, you won’t be a rote expression of the military industrial complex. It won’t work. It’s not compatible. It presents an interesting dilemma, at least until the world straightens out, which may happen soon than later. As I’ve said before, we are in the steps to the Messiah, where the unique enlightened expression of each person is going to be honored throughout the whole world.

However, to bring this back down into the concrete, – to be fully enlightened one must understand the koach mah (“the power of what”). What are we talking about? From a kabbalistic perspective, Malkut (the kingdom) is sovereignty. Sovereignty means you are the king or queen of your universe. What does koach mah mean for you, personally? When I say koach mah, Malkut, the physical plane, I am also talking about the wisdom of Malkut. The material plane isn’t some rock somewhere. It possesses wisdom. Each sephirah of the Tree of Life contains all ten sephirot within it. The energies of Chokmah (divine wisdom) and of Binah (divine understanding) are part of the material plane. Here we have the wisdom of mah… the wisdom of the material plane… the wisdom of the kingdom. From an enlightened perspective we don’t call it Malkut. Instead we call it Chokmah Malkut: the wisdom of the kingdom. Our job, in the enlightenment process, is to understand that wisdom and the power of what?

The power of what is the fact that it is unknowable. When we reach the higher planes we realize that they are unknowable and unspeakable. Beyond duality it is clearly unspeakable. Deeper than this is the understanding that the physical is also unknowable and unspeakable.  That is the mystery that we can neither solve nor answer, but we must live with this mystery if we are to become sovereign expressions of the Divine. It is inherent in that to master koach mah – the power of what – the unknowable quality of the physical plane.