The Power of What We Eat

Koach Mah means “Power of What”.  Let’s begin with what we eat and see how that affects our consciousness. For thousands of years we have known about the optimal diet for spiritual life. The ancient rishis, 2,000-3,000 years ago; the Taoist masters; the Torah teaching of Genesis 1:29; the inner core of the Mormon Church, including founder Joseph Smith, all say the same thing.  Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but they all say a vegan, live food diet is the most optimal for spiritual life.

Let’s take a look at other diets.  The Ayurvedic tradition talks about spiritual life and eating a diet that turns you inward contemplatively to yourself; this is called a sattvic diet.  This was basically a live food diet, such as the ancient rishis observed, eating 90-100% live food.  Then Ayurveda talks about the rajasic diet, a warrior’s diet, including fresh meat, fish, and chicken to get the adrenaline energy, making them more outwardly directed. Finally, the tamasic diet is typically what people eat here in America today, such as white flour, white sugar, junk food, and processed food.   The tamasic diet is one that creates a dysfunctional criminal, slothful brain and is associated with drug use.  These diets have been classically defined in Ayurveda for at least 2,000-3,000 years.

The key for spiritual life is to create a diet that turns you inward to yourself.  This diet is the live food, vegan diet.  In 1976, I started the first kundalini crisis center, and I observed that people self-medicated using food.   I saw people from all over the world from many different traditions, and they would self-medicate with meat if the kundalini’s movements became too intense for them.  They would do this because they instinctively understood that meat, fish, chicken, and dairy literally act as sludge to the flow of the kundalini. Some people ate meat 3 times a day just to keep the lid down on their kundalini.

Observing how the rajasic and the tamasic diets act as a sludge to the kundalini is how I came to some of my understanding about how to develop a diet that supports one in becoming a super-conductor of the Divine.  The idea is to move away from a diet that acts as sludge to the kundalini.  The kundalini energy flows through the nadis, which is like a subtle nervous system.  A live food vegan diet amplifies this flow, and a meat-based diet slows this flow.

It may be that in today’s world that the live food diet isn’t enough because the soils are not as healthy, and other environmental problems, such as chemtrails, interfere with the flow.  We need to look at what we can do to go beyond that.  One significant help is the moderately low-sugar Phase 1 diet.  I recommend that people try it for at least 3 months because it creates a lot of healing.  It is a healing diet rather than a maintenance diet.  It is a very sattvic diet, helping one to turn inward. Because of the absence of sugars you are able to do more healing.  There is some interesting scientific literature coming out that shows that when you cook food heavily, you create advanced glycation end products. These occur when glucose and fructose crosslink with proteins and lipids in the body. This blocks the flow of the energy.  When you eat that cooked food, those advanced glycation end products go into you and stimulate insulin resistance, creating pre-diabetic states.   This is coming out by the standard diabetes research.  This sort of research helps to validate for why live food is the most powerful way to go about healing diabetes. Increasing live food in one’s diet minimizes the creation of AGEs. Bottled baby formula has about 200 times more AGEs than other milk.  If a breastfeeding mother is eating cooked food, research shows that she will transfer the food’s AGEs to the baby, and the baby will have a high level of AGEs, as if it were also eating a lot of cooked food. The more AGEs one has, the more prone to diabetes one becomes. This physical approach to Koach Mah, the Power of What, helps us to understand how the quality of our food affects our consciousness, because glycosylated cooked food blocks the flow of energy and accelerates the aging process.

Another aspect is the teaching that the less you eat, the longer you live.  When you cook food you destroy 60% of the protein, 70% of the vitamins and minerals, and up to 100% of the phytonutrients.   Simple mathematics shows us that if you’re eating raw food you can eat half as much, or even less.  This is an important principle because less food takes less energy to digest.  This is another benefit to live food.

When I look at it, perhaps the most important thing, particularly the difference between the spilling of blood in the diet, cooked or uncooked, is that when you eat animals you are eating the energy of death, fear, victimhood, and slavery, and you take those energies into yourself. These energies block the flow of the spiritual energy.  They don’t just block it at the nadi level (there are 72,000 nadis through which the kundalini flows), but they also block it at the kosha (mental) level.  Koshas are layers of the mind.  Depending on the system there are five or six layers of the mind.  Subtly, this energy of death blocks the chakra systems as well as the layers of the mind, which impedes the whole spiritual unfolding.  It is hard to be a superconductor of the Divine when your subtle levels of the mind are filled with the energy of death.  It makes it much more difficult.

This is why the great enlightened beings in the Hindu, Taoist, and Torah traditions ate vegan live food diets.  Moses fasted for 80 days and Jesus fasted for 40 days, showing that they were able to eat light as well.  The key is that there is a transformation that goes on where you are able to extract more and more light from the food and from the environment so that it becomes more and more of your diet.  The live food diet encourages that taking in of light from the environment and transforming it into the inner light from the outer light, so that more and more you are able to live off that energy.  That doesn’t make you enlightened, so to speak, but what it means is that the flow of the spiritual energy is enhanced.  The more that that flow is being enhanced, the more that you’re being pulled inward rather than outward, which again is the power of a sattvic diet.

When you are eating the food, if you remain conscious you are able to take one third of that food as light and as spiritual energy into your system, transforming it into light.  Another third of the food is for personal nutrition and the other third is waste.  To do that you need to have the awareness that while you are chewing, you are releasing the consciousness of the food into your system.  With this awareness, as you chew, you are releasing the cosmic energy for you to gather in and utilize.  Your participation is what’s key to this process.  You can eat live food with your consciousness focused on the physical plane and you will get something from this but if you are approaching your live food with consciousness, the whole process is amplified and energized.  This becomes much more of an uplifting spiritual practice.

May everybody be blessed with the understandings that come from this.