The Power of Awakened Human Consciousness

Recently it’s been in the headlines that there is a physicist who has proven the existence of God. The discovery of a specific tachyon-type of particle is bringing science and God-awareness together. People have known about the transcendent God for thousands of years, and science is catching up. This is good. We have the intelligent design from the transcendent creator.

When we look at it from another angle, we see that there is also an eminent God that is active in our world. Shamanic mysticism in particular focuses on the eminent God. The Divine, through the act of grace brings us to higher and higher levels of awareness.

The work in spiritual life involves the mysteries of how we can activate the potential of grace in our lives. This is the activation of the Divine. On one level, by living the Six Foundations and the Sevenfold Peace, we make ourselves available for grace to be activated and we build the vessels that can hold the intense energy of that grace.

We also begin to see, not only the hand of God in all of creation, but within all of creation. We begin to activate grace in how we perceive creation and we relate to other human beings perceiving and experiencing the spark of God in others. Of course, this requires us perceiving and experiencing the spark of the Divine within ourselves. It always comes back to turning within and living a way that builds the vessels that can hold the energy of the grace of consciousness.

It’s possible to have certain experiences but if we don’t have the vessels to hold the grace, it comes and it goes. An important part of spiritual life then, is living in a way that builds the vessels so we can indeed hold the grace and therefore receive more and more Divine energy in our lives activating us on deeper and deeper levels. A secret to spiritual life is living in a way that enhances our ability to not only receive grace but also to hold it.

Now by definition, grace is grace. You cannot earn it. That is a paradox. You can prepare for it. You can live the way that supports it but you can’t earn it, because that would not be grace. Grace and hard work are the two wings of the bird. We can do the hard work and grace happens.

Different from Divine grace, we create grace in our lives by how we look at the world and how we look at ourselves. If we see ourselves as a spark of the Divine it changes our perception of who we are. If we see other people as the spark of the Divine it changes our perception of them. The result is very positive.

The way we look at ourselves and others creates a field of grace and of spiritual energy that creates a glow in the world. When enough people (the square root of 1%) create that glow the consciousness of the world changes. Research on meditation conducted back in 1973 found that in the state of Rhode Island, that when just a few hundred people were meditating a day the violent crime rate dropped 49%. People said it was a fluke but when they came back the next summer and a few hundred people were meditating a few hours a day, the crime dropped 43%. This is an affirmation of how this works.

While it is still part of the Divine plan, that our world is turning more and more chaotic, the first choice is to play an active role in activating the Divine in our world. Meditation is one example of this. Collective meditation changes the field that everyone is living in, literally changing the consciousness of those in the field.

While we need to see the polarity of order and chaos, it is also useful to see this is the play of consciousness. The more we bring light into the world, the more we access the light within ourselves. When done in a collective way more grace gets activated and the more consciousness shifts.

We are not powerless in any way. We have a unique and wonderful power to upgrade the consciousness of the planet by our personal and collective consciousness. We can affect the way the world appears to be going. Paradoxically, there is both an easy way and a hard way to do this. The easy way is to experience God within ourselves, and to collectively amplify that grace, and the field of that consciousness. The hard way is to let chaos reign. That is also a thought form and an energetic field. The hard way is what we see in society today, and we have the option to work together to activate a shift in consciousness on the planet. May everybody be blessed that we’re able to not only experience the transcendent God but to activate the energetics of God in our lives and in the lives of all of creation. Amen.