The Peace Of Koach Mah

From peace comes joy. As we are doing the work it is important to understand the cosmic flow. When you are really in peace it becomes a source of joy. Both joy and peace come from within. We call this non-causal joy and non-causal peace.  The ability to focus on these grows as you evolve and meditate, until it becomes the predominant energy in your life. Truly peace and joy isn’t separate from us.

In a world with so much chaos and disruption, one of the most important things we can do is to focus internally rather than externally. Don’t get caught in the chaos of the external world and lose your power. Specifically, if you get caught in this chaos it weakens you and makes you more vulnerable to the Dark Side. The more you focus internally on peace and joy, the more you tune into the truth of God within yourself. This is true empowerment and real peace.

Another aspect of this is Koach Mah, meaning “the power of what”. The power of what means that we no longer view the physical plane as strictly material. Koach Mah means that not only does the physical plane extend into the spiritual, but that the physical plane itself contains spirit. Koach Mah allows us to experience all our circumstances as spiritual. We move away from the outer chaos, and keep a focus on Koach Mah in all of creation. When we do look outside we see the light of the Divine. Focusing on Koach Mah enables us to create an understanding and a way of being in the world that brings us peace. Our consciousness begins to extend out and activate our environments so that we are always experiencing the light, the joy, and the peace in all things. That is the power of What. It is the spiritual power in the material world.

This is a particular way of understanding the multi-dimensional liberation process. In remembering our multi-level natures we begin to draw down the spiritual energy from the higher planes and to illuminate the lower planes. By this we create Koach Mah, which ultimately reverberates back to us in an endless loop that further activates simchah (spiritual joy) within ourselves. This is one of the secrets of simchah – Our inner joy reverberates in the outer world and further activates our inner joy. This is a wonderful way to live as everything becomes more and more joyous in every moment of our lives.
May we all be blessed with simchah and the wisdom of koach mah.