The Path of Light to Ultimate Reality

There is really only one wisdom, which is the ability to distinguish between the absolute reality and the temporal reality. The world makes an enormous effort to keep us sucked into the temporal reality and getting us to forget the absolute reality. It is enormously seductive to be manipulated from one crisis to another. Of course, each of these crises is an opportunity for us to spiritually evolve, however, it is still temporary reality, which creates an illusion as if something is happening. We have to make the decision what way we want to go with what we are presented. Within each decision is a choice to move toward the Divine or away from the Divine. The deep wisdom is simply knowing what choice we are making in any given moment. Somebody asked me today, “If it’s all from God, does it matter which side you choose?” This is a very interesting question. The answer is “Yes”, in the sense that the ultimate goal of life is liberation/God-merging; there are choices and at least two paths. The left-hand path has many dead bodies along the way. The other one is more work and is an on-going choice to be in truth in each moment. Now both paths actually are about choosing the truth however, the path of light helps one more gently into the light with the intention ultimately of knowing the light. The left-hand path oftentimes gets people eaten up in the darkness. From my point of view, while both light and dark come from God there is only one safe path, which is choosing the light. This means to continually choose that which in the moment brings you closer to the Divine in alignment with the perennial moral, ethical, and spiritual teachings. That is the key to how to approach it. The path of the light is continually empowering you, drawing you closer to the Divine in each moment.

May everyone be blessed that we have the awareness that these free-will choices are there for us to make and that we continue to make the choices that bring us ever closer to the ongoing ecstatic experiential awareness absolute reality in every moment. Amen.