The Healing or Evolution of Chaos into Order Creates Harmony

The healing or evolution of chaos into order creates harmony. We may work with people and even compete in a way that is enhancing and synergistically improving what we are doing based on mutual growth by valuing each other’s ideas. This actually creates a healing or another level of order in terms of how to be in the world. The understanding of order/chaos/order is not just on the physical plane of disease, but clearly includes the mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. By reestablishing our vertical connection, we can move out of domination into harmonic partnership without taking energy from each other but instead adding energy to each other.

This shift helps the move to a higher level of order. As we go a little deeper into the paradigm of holistic health we see that the harmony and healing of the body, the emotions, and the mental and spiritual levels are based on an energy source that is primordial to our existence. Healing at every level is very dependent on tapping into the primordial cosmic energy, which is the source of existence. So the deepest level of holistic healing, and even of maintenance and rejuvenation, is made possible by our ability to tap into this cosmic energy that energizes and creates the form of all material existence as we know it. We all have the potential to link into or directly attune to this higher primordial energy.

Unfolding our spiritual potential, attaining harmony in all areas of life, and establishing radiant health are goals that are directly dependent upon how well the cosmic life energy can flow through the various subtle levels and into our physical body. We do not have to turn ourselves into something that we really aren’t; we can, instead, become “superconductors. A superconductor is a material that has no resistance to the flow of energy. To achieve optimal health, we need to create spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies that are superconductors—that have no resistance to the flow of the cosmic energy coming into our life through the energetic continuum. To the degree to which we do not create any impediments to the flow of cosmic energy going through our system, our spiritual potential unfolds and we are able to establish radiant health in our lives, and consequently high levels of joy.

As superconductors we reach toward a state of optimal health and the highest level of order in the process of order/chaos/order/chaos/order. At this point we are at complete harmony, in optimal health, and in ecstatic communion with the radiant one, God. This is what happens when we begin to clear all the blocks. Each block we clear adds to the joy of the cosmic energy flowing through us. We can actually feel this. This is not necessarily a state of enlightenment, but a state of experiencing the divine energy of God. As we repeatedly experience it (and then experience the divine energy consistently filling us with joy, peace, and contentment), we begin to understand that we are that divine energy. This is a form of what we jokingly call “divine behavior modification.”

We continually have choices in our life that we have to make. Do we choose to create a lifestyle, diet, and a way of being in the world that helps us become more and more a superconductor? Or do we choose to ignore the laws of nature and the divine, in essence creating more chaos, entropy, and degeneration in our lives? And how do we make these choices? Is it simply a conscious choice or are there other factors going on that influence this very critical life-enhancing or life-depleting choice that we make? What determines whether we choose to become more of a superconductor or less of a superconductor for the energetic continuum?

In the order/chaos/order theory, the term “bifurcation point” really helps elucidate whether we move toward health or toward illness at any particular point. This happens regardless of whether we actually choose it or our bodies go that direction without our conscious awareness. By understanding the concept of bifurcation point, we’ll get a much deeper insight into the human process

Ilya Prigogine, a chemist who was one of the Nobel Prize winners of 1977, coined the term. He found that the development of an organized system is not a linear process; there is a particular pattern that it follows and, at some point as the human body is confronted with stresses, its capacity for adaptation to the stresses becomes exhausted. When overwhelmed, the body cannot respond in an organized way to incoming stimuli. This point of overwhelm is called the bifurcation point. It is the point or moment of truth in which the body either breaks down—allowing disease-enhancing factors that have been present for many years to cause the manifestation of disease—or there is a move toward better health, elevating the body to a higher level of order. This moment determines the future of a cell, organ, or the entire body-mind complex.

We see this clinically all the time. People appear to be okay and then suddenly they develop, for example, severe chronic fatigue. What appears to be a sudden event isn’t. What’s happening is they have been building the stress all along until suddenly their body reaches overwhelm and they go over the edge into chaos. There is a point here in which the body in some way chooses to either go into more stuck chaos and the development of disease, or to move into a higher level of order, creating a quantum leap that enhances the body’s functioning.

In human systems, how to affect which way a system would move, either toward a higher order or toward disease, was always a mystery. Today we now have a way to influence the direction a system will go. Free will, however, has the power to influence the bifurcation point away from evolving into a higher level of health and order. This explains why some people, no matter what healers are seen or modalities are applied, do not heal. A simple example of the role of free will is in the animal kingdoms where animals have instinct but no free will. This explains why a dog can’t consciously walk in front of a train and commit suicide, whereas a human being using free will can consciously walk in front of a train. Free will gives us the power to hold onto any physical, emotional, mental, spiritual stress or disease.

One of the important aspects of holistic healing is the ability to move through the bifurcation point. Our level of attunement at that moment will determine the direction our being will move: either toward order or chaos, health or disease, joy or sadness, or more or less communion with the divine. Attunement, in essence, is the creation of a flow of organized energy resonating within the person such that when they reach a bifurcation point, they automatically and naturally go toward balance; movement toward balance (otherwise referred to as the healing process). Ultimately, attunement enhances our communion with the divine.

A balanced development of consciousness on all levels of human life is less attainable with a horizontal, fragmented energy flow. Some strive to open the heart through dedication to God, others emphasize the opening of the third eye, while still others seek to experience God in the lower chakras. As spiritual awakening progresses, the seeker naturally becomes better able to reach a state of verticality during meditation. Most vertical states obtained this way are normally only temporary, since the vertical system is not yet stabilized. Usually, within a few minutes to a few hours after meditation ends, the influence of other horizontal people or life situations overrides the verticality. The chakras once again adopt a horizontal position. Many spiritual aspirants, having some awareness of this issue, seek to limit their contact with worldly people as much as possible.

A stabilized vertical system in which we no longer are regularly pulled out of our connection with the divine by our horizontal world is the solution to this problem. Many paths, in one way or another, deal with an awakening where there is an energetic shift in consciousness. The most well-known form for this is known as the awakening of kundalini. This represents a major shift toward verticality.

Kundalini is an inborn evolutionary force that awakens as part of our spiritual evolution to bring us into verticality. In the Kabbalistic/Essene tradition it is called Ruach Hakodesh. In the Christian tradition it is referred to as the Holy Spirit. Kundalini is the inherent inner force that opens us to the ecstasy, love, and God awareness that is part of the transpersonal awakening, part of which we call verticalization. This is the most important subtle energy system in terms of the spiritual evolution of the human species.

Becoming vertical in our energy flow is a way of accelerating our shift in consciousness. Verticality is a prerequisite for enlightenment. It is not enlightenment. At the end of the realization process and the full maturity of the kundalini, there is a permanent stabilization of the verticalization vortex. Verticalization has been described in many systems. In the Kabbalah it is known as the shekhina energy, or the feminine face of God. Shekhina refers to life-force energy and spirit within all of creation that flows down into us. It refers to all energies, and all frequencies that exist—all of life.

The feminine face of God is considered the presence of the divine in all of creation. The masculine, which is known as the EinSof in the Kabbalah or Shiva in the yogic system, is a state where there is no form and there is no flowing energy, there is only existence. The resurrection of the shekhina energy, or the Shakti energy, is needed in verticality — our awareness for the healing of the planet and ourselves. When it is awake in us, we see and feel the life force within ourselves and then evolve to see and feel it in all people, animals, plants, and the living planet itself. As we honor this energy and elevate it, it reconnects and brings us into balance with all that is. Verticalization is the awakening and reconnecting process that aligns us with the cosmic feminine within us, whether we are male or female.

All energy on this planet (all of creation) is considered feminine in relationship to the formless masculine energy of the EinSof, Shiva. Ultimately there is no masculine or feminine, but we use these metaphorical terms to help describe the play of the universe.

Transcendence is the evolutionary process by which the vortexual energy of the Kundalini progressively transmutes us from the gross matter of our bodies to be more refined and highly organized and energized. It is the physical parallel to the transmutation of our consciousness to the Love of unity awareness. Eventually it takes us into complete absorption of our form into the formless energies of God. From the time the kundalini is awakened, we gradually become more etheric, but even after the total merging of the kundalini energies, enough of our physical body and chakra system is left so we can function in the world.

This physical transcendence is not necessarily the goal of spiritual life as much as it represents a total freedom to follow God’s will. In any case, whatever happens, it is enough just to . . . be.