The Flow

We are living in a world where there is not a whole lot of peace –not even political peace, and the angel of peace goes much deeper than political peace. The key to peace is inner peace, which begins to emerge as we are lived by the Six Foundations and the Sevenfold Peace. The Six Foundations and the Sevenfold Peace are about living in a way to support accessing this internal peace.

The Six Foundations are as follows:

  1. Spiritual Nutrition and Spiritual Fasting,
  2. Building Life Force Energy through Pranayama, Yoga Asana, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, Sacred Dance, etc.
  3. Service and Charity
  4. Working with a Spiritual Teacher; Tuning into the Ancient Scriptures to get a framework of the cosmic laws, equal vision (which means seeing the spark of the Divine in all things equally)
  5. Sacred Silence: Meditation, Prayer, Mantra Repetition, and Chanting
  6. Awakening of the Spiritual Energy – the Kundalini/Shekhinah, which activates the deepest energy of peace

The Sevenfold Peace is:

  1. Peace with the Body,
  2. Peace with the Mind,
  3. Peace with the Family,
  4. Peace with the Community,
  5. Peace with all social networks,
  6. Peace with the Ecology, and
  7. Peace with the Divine.

These represent different levels and variations of peace.

There is another level to that, which is more emphasis on being aligned with the flow, which is more of a Taoist understanding. There is a Divine flow as the unfolding of the Divine Will in the world and in our lives. We tend to access the inner experience of peace when we are aligned with that flow. When we look at the world today, we see that outer peace is not what is happening at all. Whether or not we are using Taoist language, it seems missing from our public awareness that there is such a thing as a cosmic flow that can bring people to peace. When we are aligned with that, everything we choose to do moves us in that direction; everything we choose to do brings us to that place of the cosmic flow. This is distinctly missing in our world. There isn’t even the intention of doing that, so it is very hard to have world peace. How do we align with the Tao; become the Tao? As the layers of our resistance to the One begin to melt away, we start to become one with the Tao (or Cosmic Spirit) and we have no resistance to this flow as it unfolds on the planet. Alignment with the flow happens when we do not carry any biases or prejudgments. We are simply available to the flow. You are open to all of creation and to the flow of that, no matter which direction it is going. What we are seeing in our world are gigantic efforts to attempt to manipulate that flow and the result is chaos. We see all of these machinations where all levels of society are trying to control the flow; or create the flow, or to do anything rather than to align with the flow. You can simply look all over the world to see how this attempt to manipulate brings more agitation and conflict; it never brings peace. To be able to go with the flow also means we have to be able to clear our inner space, our thought forms, and our ideas of how it is supposed to be, so that we can be aligned with the way that it is. This is one of the reasons why we do Zero Point. It is in order to create a quiet mind, clearing the thought forms that keep us from aligning with the flow that is always going on. The flow never stops; that is not its nature. The flow that is going on is inherent to all of creation. We can’t control or grasp it. We can’t manipulate it. We just have to be with it. To do that we have to clear our thought forms, our belief systems, our agendas, so that we can be aligned with it enhancing both an inner peace and an outer peace. The majority of society and its leadership’s thought forms are blocking our access to the overall flow. There are the big agendas to control the world. There are the small agendas to control our own little lives. The illusion that we can control anything creates a great deal of difficulty and it certainly does not create peace. So may everyone be blessed with a mind quiet enough that we can give up the illusion we are in control and, thus, we can be aligned with the flow of the Tao in our own personal lives, and as subgroups and as nations we can be aligned with the flow of the Tao in the world.