The Essence Of Life

From a spiritual perspective the essence of life is moksha. People struggle keeping focused on what life is really all about. Why are we here? What are we doing? It’s so easy to get so caught up in our work dharma that we lose sight of the bigger picture.  It is as if life is one big heyoka – trickster. We’re always being tricked into thinking that what we are doing is what it’s all about, rather than seeing the big picture.

The big picture is that there is only God. We must organize our lives around this single point. We must put God at the center of our lives so that everything we do brings us into this higher consciousness. This includes eating in a way that uplifts not only our individual health, but also the health of the living planet. Everything we do needs to bring holiness and sanctification into every aspect of our lives.

Do not sacrifice the eternal for that which dies in an hour. We must have the discrimination to make higher dharma and higher focus the point of our lives. I’m not saying that the world is an illusion and that nothing here is real. Rather, the world is a test for us to keep our focus on what it’s really all about. We should choose work that supports us moving in that direction.

Unfortunately, too many people get caught in the relative reality as if it is the absolute reality. The result is that we don’t go where it is that we are supposed to go. We miss what life is really about.
We must pace ourselves so that we can keep our focus on God. We must organize our lives so that our relationships become sacred, reflecting God in one another as the center of that relationship. Our gardening must be spiritual gardening. We must understand that food is a love note from God. We are keeping this focus on God in every aspect of our lives, and this takes steadiness and perseverance.

No one gets this in a day. It takes living the Six Foundations and the Sevenfold Peace. You must eat in a way that keeps you at the highest level of consciousness. You must build your prana (chi). You must actively engage in service and charity. You must work with a spiritual teacher if you are ready for this. You must practice sacred silence, mantra repetition, chanting, or prayer. You must receive as much shaktipat as possible.

You must live the Sevenfold Peace. You must live and eat in a way that brings peace to the body. You must live in a way that brings peace to the mind, to relationships, and with the community.  This may mean separating a bit so as not to get sucked into the mass consciousness. You must respect and love all cultures. You must live in a way that brings balance to the ecology. Finally, you must make God the center of your life.

You must organize your life to hold the higher consciousness. This is the only thing that matters, and it brings relevance to all the aspects of your life. We use our multi-dimensional beings as tools for waking up to the Divine. We do not withdraw from the world, but we take the world as a challenge to see how we can be in the midst of it. We use the world to see the illumination of God in all things.

May everyone be blessed to rise to this challenge and establish the Divine at the center of our lives.