The Elijah Factor

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There are interesting parallels between Biblical events and modern politics.  King Ahab and Queen Jezebel ruled Israel’s norther kingdom in an evil age (approximately 9th century BCE). The Israelite King Ahab married a Sidonian woman named Jezebel and began worshiping Baal, the evil god of her people. Ahab built a temple to Baal in the city of Samaria and erected an Asherah pole there for worship. 1 Kings 16:33 states, “Ahab did more to provoke the HaShem, the God of Israel, to anger than all the kings of Israel who were before him.” Jezebel was also known for her evil activities. After she married Ahab, she began killing HaShem’s prophets. During their reign, they turned all of Northern Israel away from the Divine and the Torah and towards pagan practices. At the beginning of their rule, the culture still had some biblical morality; however, in time, under their malignant influence, the state began to support the inhumane pagan morality of Baal, and the culture degenerated. Their opponents, on the side of light, included the prophets Elijah and Elisha.

Now, Ahab and Jezebel represent a paradigm that has recapitulated in the US today. Bill and Hillary Clinton, strangely enough, seem to be a reflection of this ancient dynamic. Ahab ruled for 22 years, and Bill Clinton was in political power for 22 years. Jezebel really ran the show, as did Hillary Clinton. Both Hillary and Jezebel were the power behind Bill’s and Ahab’s seats. During the process of both parties’ respective reign’s, they each created a cultural shift away from Biblical morality, including the Ten Speakings. Bill Clinton, himself, had a variety of issues, but his biggest mistake was the Monica Lewinsky scandal, leading to his impeachment. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have brought in pagan influences into this country. In her autobiography, Hillary talks about her involvement with voodoo practices. Hillary and Jezebel both were in political prominence for 36 years, during which time they both legitimized pagan practices.

The downfall of Ahab began when he coveted a vineyard belonging to Naboth. He asked to buy the vineyard from Naboth, who refused saying that he couldn’t sell the land, according to the Levitical law. Ahab and Jezebel, who were not interested in upholding the biblical law, created a plot in which Naboth was killed so that they could seize the vineyard. The scandal, however, was publically exposed. The correlative Whitewater scandal of the Clintons further reinforces the parallels between these administrations. There were even deaths connected to both scandals. Ahab was eventually killed by an arrow in a town that had been given to the Levites. To further the correlate, Bill Clinton’s political demise was linked to Monica Lewinsky, who was a genetic Levite. The name Lewinsky is a variation of the tribal Levi. Bill Clinton effectively violated a Levite daughter, which led to his impeachment. By the same token, Ahab’s fall was linked to his violation of the Levitical land laws. The most important of these parallels, however, is connected with the cultural degeneration that happened during each of these respective reigns.

Following the death of Ahab, his son, Jehoram reigned for 12 years. (Barak Obama is a reflection of Jehoram.) Elijah, however, had appointed a new leader named Jehu. Jehu was an interesting person. Jehu was an outsider. He was neither part of the royalty, nor the oligarchy. He was a brash, blunt, unsophisticated, not politically correct, but clever, military man. Today Donald Trump reflects Jehu.

Jehu came in and began waging war against the prophets of Baal, clearing the nation of the pagan ways. Today, some people call this “draining the swamp”.  Jehu was mixed when it came to HaShem. He was simply a clever warrior; however, he was a catalyst for the defeat of the energies of Baal in Israel. He didn’t go all the way, as his essence was mixed. Trump, as a parallel to Jehu is also mixed.

Historically and today, there are two paradigms present – self-serving paganism/hedonism and the return to a biblical morality. While Trump is clearly a catalyst for transformation away from the hedonistic paganism that the country has fallen into, he and his administration are not clear channels for the light, though there are reports that Trump has begun praying and meditating more. The third paradigm available to us today is the Elijah factor. That’s where everyone can play a role. Elijah was unique in that while the whole culture was pagan, he stood against them. Elijah was an enemy of the state. Ahab described him as a trouble-maker to Israel, because he held to the way of the Torah and HaShem.

Today down is up and up is down. Good is evil and evil is good. Everything today is reversed. Today people holding the biblical morality are being regarded as problematic. However, biblical morality has been the basis of western civilization for thousands of years. The Elijah factor is the willingness to be radically counter-cultural and radically pro-Divine. In this world, what are we choosing? When Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal, his accepted sacrifice inspired the Israelites to overthrow and execute the evil Baalites because they saw the power of HaShem. He stood before the people and said, “We have two altars here… One is to HaShem and the other is to Baal. What’s your choice?” He challenged everyone straightforwardly. He was a total counter-culturalist. He was a minority. The powerful Elijah factor changed the course of northern Israel. Each of us can stand up, like Elijah, and say, “I am a counter cultural, biblical moralist! I’m standing up for the truth of the Divine! I’m not going to let you define me as an enemy of the state, as a trouble-maker for your pagan world! You’re the ones who are out of order!” That’s what Elijah did. He refused redefinition.

We have choices. Will we be the power of the Elijah factor that can turn this country around? What’s our choice? We’re standing in one of two places. I encourage you to become the Elijah factor.