The Cosmic Aliveness of Liberation

It is said that when Sarah left her body at the age of 127, she was alive all of the days of her life. What we have here is a model of enlightenment in the Torah from the very beginning. What does it mean to be alive? It means you feel your oneness at all times. You feel the emptiness. There is no you. The Divine energy is coming through you at all times. You are free to move in any direction. All of the five levels of the soul are aligned. It means you are tapped into the cosmic force. As the cosmic force is moving through you, you have the aliveness. It also is a way of feeling in touch. You are completely connected to all of creation. Today we have many people feeling alienated and therefore turning to the dark side in their vain attempts to feel alive. Not only does this lead to the negative results from that alienation, but it doesn’t ultimately work.

Aliveness is also about a whole lifestyle. When we live the Six Foundations for Spiritual Life, we quiet the mind into that aliveness –into that Divine will where we are empty of ego. Aliveness is also a result of being without an ego that is imbalanced. A point of confusion is that the ego also has healthy aspects. We need to have a body and a mind that works. The live-food vegan lifestyle actually enhances the production of neurotransmitters in the brain supporting this mind- quieting process and feeling of wellbeing. We do need this physical support and yet what we are talking about is a spiritual aliveness. The ceiling of the egoistic mind is cracked, and when it is cracked you are able to directly access the source. Most everyone is walking around with a ceiling. For some it is a lead ceiling, others it is iron, and then some it is a thin glass ceiling just waiting to shatter and allow the full cosmic energy to come through. Again, Sarah being alive all the days of her life is a model of being alive from the physical to the cosmic, in which you really do feel all of these energies coming through you. You are then free to move in any direction because your mind is quiet and you’ve transcended the mind.

May everyone be blessed with waking up to this aliveness. Amen.