The Age of Spiritual Warriorship

The Age Of Spiritual Warriorship

Photo Credit: John Murphy

There are different types of wisdom.  One is the wisdom of being aligned with the epochs.  In 2010 we moved out of the age of Kali Yuga.  This was a move from the corrupt businessman/politician world and into the Krita/Satya Yuga. It is time of the spiritual warrior, and an era of perfect morality and honor.  Now we are just entering into this cycle of spiritual warriorship and perfect morality. The world is moving away from a very dark banking system, corrupt business minds, dark cabals, and self-seeking politicians and religious institutions wanting to enslave the populations. The Kali Yuga, which such aspirations are part of, is just beginning to fade out (hopefully sooner than later). The change of yuga will be a transition from the domination of politicians into a movement of visionary enlightened spiritual warriors upholding dharma, and uplifting and protecting, rather than enslaving, the planet.

Spiritual warriors are here for a reason.  They are to uplift and protect the world.  The seed of the Satya Yuga has always been there; now is its time to blossom.  What is quietly unfolding (like a full moon rising creating light) is that some people (a clear minority) are beginning to emerge as leaders through their spiritual warriorship and courageous, authentic, moral actions.  In spiritual warriorship life is not a business deal.  Life is about living in perfect morality; honor; uplifting society; feeding all the people; and protecting and creating safety for the people.  It is not about exploiting, beheading, and enslaving people.  Spiritual warrior leadership does not create a false “morality” to justify illegal actions for political gain. It does not create a false morality pretext to justify overruling perennial moral codes of justice. The perfect morality is living according to the perennial morality guided by the age-old wisdom of how to apply these moral teachings. This is a very important shift in consciousness toward uplifting spiritual awareness and life.

The paradigm we’re seeing is completely synchronous with the shift away from the business domination and enslavement efforts of the dark cabal, businesses, and politicians, etc. and into a whole mindset into uplifting spiritual warriorship, peace, and safety for all humanity.  When you think about spiritual warriorship it is more about doing the right thing in the global picture, rather than limiting it to everyday ways of being that are also important.  So the wisdom that I’m referring to  (and this is the way that the Tree of Life is set up) is about creating spiritual warriorship that is focused on literally uplifting the world on every level.  It’s a way of thinking, a way of being, and a way of seeing yourself in service to (not in exploitation of) the world.

We are a microcosm. There are strong forces in the world that truly want to uplift the planet, who truly want to see that everyone is fed and healthy.  I’m not talking about liberal humanitarians who make decisions on relative, politically correct, transitory reality.  I’m talking about warrior forces at a national level who really want to see something happen in a comprehensive holistic way anchored in the mature morality and ethics of the great traditions. This means, for example, changing the whole economic exploitation system, challenging global and religious corporate fascism, and changing the dysfunctional, global food issues, including genetic modification.

Spiritual warriors work for the betterment of all humanity, not their own selfish, egocentric purposes.  They are motivated by their unity awareness, compassion, and love. There is self-sacrifice in that.  It really takes a different kind of person.  It is a different kind of wisdom.  Life isn’t a business-deal or about making politically correct statements for the moment.  Life is about service to humanity and a about acting in an honorable way, a good way, and a dharmic way to uplift all of humanity in a consistent manner over the duration of time.

These are the big differences between the Culture of Death and the emerging of the Culture of Life where people are really willing to make it happen for the world population (not just the select few).  We have that potential.  This requires a different wisdom, a different orientation, and it really requires a different life commitment. It emerges out of a deeper inner experience of the Truth.

Part of being a spiritual warrior (versus a warrior) is the spiritual part of it.  When I went to India I discovered a variety of spiritual warrior models. For example, one model of this was Dronacharya (or Drona),who was an enlightened Guru warrior.  He was the teacher of Arjuna the enlightened archer; others were Rama and Krishna.  They were the real historic heroes who fought for humanity.  It was all was about dharma, honor, and enlightenment.

Enlightenment is a part of spiritual warriorship.  This is a way to help you to wake up.  More recently, I have seen a booklet emerge speaking of war as a path to liberation by Meher Baba (an avatar).  He observed silence, yet he wrote about war and liberation saying that the spiritual warrior is willing to sacrifice himself or herself for the greater whole.  He talks about different people who leaped onto hand-grenades in spiritual sacrifice.  This is a whole different way of thinking. It is done without any illusion or belief of reward or world domination plan; it is accomplished from a sense of oneness.

Typical of India, there was another great being who lived in a cave, and every day he would take in all the wounds and all the pain of what people suffered in World War II. Then in the night he recovered so he could do the same the next day, becoming bloody and full of bullet holes.  At the end of WWII he died, as his selfless dharma was completed.  The role of the spiritual warrior isn’t exactly for fun or for business.  It does involve spiritual sacrifice.  This ideal is in harsh contrast to many of the religious leaders and politicians today where it is all about how much money they can steal or who they can dominate or kill for God, rather than about protecting and uplifting the consciousness of humanity.

The good news is that there is a shift happening, and we hope that soon more and more people will be thinking in the way of the spiritual warrior who is asking the question, “How can I live in a way that brings me to enlightenment and also uplifts all of humanity?”  May everybody be blessed with living their lives in a way that they are transformed into spiritual warriors for the uplifting of all humanity.