The Essene Sevenfold Peace

There is so much disinformation in the media and online that this year’s Modern Essene Gathering will focus on how to strengthen our soul connection. Our world is being filled with a potentially overwhelming amount of dissonance, misinformation, and disinformation aimed at overwhelming our conscious mind in a way that deludes us into a subtle disconnection with our souls. At this year’s Modern Essene Gathering we’ll discuss questions such as, “Did the Israelite Exodus from Egypt, as many archeologists believe, never happen, undermining historical basis of the Torah?” and “As much of the western world is secularized and turns away from […]

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Inner Peace

Peace is mysterious because so few people in the world are able to create inner peace. Inner peace is the pearl of great price. This inner peace is what life is about. When we talk about the Essene Seven-Fold Peace, we get a little more of a feeling for it. The seven-fold peace includes: Peace with the Body: health. A Peaceful Mind is a quiet mind, and is one of the great gifts of spiritual life. Peace with the Family, including all relationships. One of the great teachings is that when there is peace in the family, it spreads throughout […]

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