Mixed Greens and Sprout Salad- Phase 1

Simplicity can be quite beautiful and it certainly is with this mixed greens and sprout salad. It makes a wonderful late afternoon pick-me-up or a light yet satisfying meal. Enjoy the bounty of simple joy and nutrition. Ingredients 4 leaves Romaine lettuce 4 leaves butter lettuce 4 leaves red leaf lettuce 1/2 C. arugula 1 tomato, chopped 1 avocado, sliced 1 C. sprouts, mixed: alfalfa, sunflower, buckwheat, broccoli and clover ½ C. parsley, chopped 1/3 C.dressing of your choice (Treehouse Dressing, on this blog, would be great) Parsley sprig   Tear the lettuce into bite sized pieces. Add the vegetables, […]

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Instructions for Sprouting

Excerpt from Dr. Cousens’ book, Conscious Eating: There are several methods for sprouting, including using a glass jar, a sprouting tube, sprouting basket, sprouting bag, or organic soil. Generally, I recommend the glass jar method or organic soil, depending on the type of sprout. The glass jar method works well with all of the sprouts in the Conscious Eating recipes, except for buckwheat and sunflower sprouts (greens). These, as well as wheatgrass, are best grown in an organic soil base. People often enjoy growing a variety of sprouts in the same jar. Alfalfa and clover is one combination; fenugreek and […]

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