Living with Full Spiritual Intensity

I will share with you a wisdom that appeared to me 50 years ago when I was a senior in college and I walked out on the football field. I thought, “What am I doing here? This is only a game.” The other part of the wisdom was that yes, it is only a game but if you do not play it intensely you’re not going to do very well. I wasn’t one of the bigger players but I was the caption of what ended up being an undefeated college football team. This was all about intensity. As we look […]

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The Cosmic Aliveness of Liberation

It is said that when Sarah left her body at the age of 127, she was alive all of the days of her life. What we have here is a model of enlightenment in the Torah from the very beginning. What does it mean to be alive? It means you feel your oneness at all times. You feel the emptiness. There is no you. The Divine energy is coming through you at all times. You are free to move in any direction. All of the five levels of the soul are aligned. It means you are tapped into the cosmic […]

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The Spiritual Answer to Terrorism

Terrorism is a worldwide problem that will not be solved through compromise, as demonstrated by the failure of Neville Chamberlain regarding Hitler during World War II. Terrorism has fixed beliefs and a strong intellectual justification in its correctness and is fueled by the power of hate. The word “hate” is classically defined as “that which separates”. The power of terrorism is based on the intent to create fear of destruction, physical harm, or death in the masses. It is primarily effective against people who have belief systems and ego identities based primarily on the physical plane. The counterpoint to terrorism […]

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