Fasting Guidelines

An excerpt from Dr. Cousens’ book Spiritual Nutrition When to and When Not to Fast Intentional fasting for short periods of time such as seven to ten days is considered completely safe by many fasting experts. In some Swedish hospital experiments with fasting, patients fasted up to fifty-five days without any difficulty. Paavo Airola states that water fasting up to forty days and juice fasting up to 100 days is generally considered safe by fasting medical experts in Europe. Therapeutic fasts from fourteen to twenty-one days are considered common in European fasting clinics. If one has any sort of serious illness […]

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Shabbat In Biafra

We had an amazing shamanic Shabbat in Biafra.  It was attended by 60 people including 11 tribal chiefs and took place at the king’s palace.  The Igbo tribe comprising this kingdom see themselves (though primarily Christian) as one of the lost segments of Am Yisrael.  They have actively passed on this awareness of their roots from generation to generation.  I heard several stories about this bloodline passed on from father to son.  I was perceived, experienced, and greeted as a literal blood brother.  Together we were connecting with ancient roots that go back as far as 3,300 years. It was […]

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