Wisdom Like Water

Satsang given April 11th, 2014 What we know about water is that it is multidimensional. Water comprises many levels. This is also a key to understanding wisdom. Spiritual wisdom is based on a singular plane of understanding. It is not contracted. It involves all the planes of existence and an integration of all those planes. Water is particularly interesting these days. Israel has cracked the code on how to take salt water and make fresh water and is helping California as well as the Middle East. Israel no longer has a water problem. The US Navy has cracked the code […]

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Instinctual Drive to Know God

Satsang on April 14th, 2014 In terms of Dharma we understand that with the Id we have the instinctual drive of survival and sexuality and death.  We also have the instinctual drive to know God.  This is just the program that we have.  So when we look at the spiritual practice, or better yet what in Yogic terms we call Sanatana Dharma (the natural way of living that leads to liberation), we are creating a way to develop, inspire, and nurture the instinctual drive to liberation (or, in Hebrew, Shevekut D’vekut).  That’s the primary “id drive” and program of all […]

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