The Power of Relationship

Dr. Cousens’ most sought-after material will now be the special bonus feature for those attending the final 21-Day Transformation Program and Type 2 Diabetes Recovery Program.  Dr. Cousens and Shanti will share teachings on ‘Sacred Relationships’ as both the oldest and newest frontier of human consciousness and as a pathway to the Divine.  Join them for one week of nightly talks on intimacy, love, consciousness and ultimately, sacred relationship as a spiritual path. Don’t miss this opportunity and fill our your Health Intake Form today!   Based on the ‘Sacred Relationships’ teachings given by Dr. Cousens & Shanti all around the […]

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Intimacy: The Newest & Oldest Frontier

Families exist not only for propagation, but also to provide a training ground for learning how to develop intimacy and a mature emotional body. This function is true for all long-term relationships. Life in the family is designed by its very nature to help our feeling body mature. Intimacy is one of the last frontiers of human consciousness. In true intimate relationships, one experiences durable love, steady trust, and a willingness to be vulnerable. Durable intimacy requires a continual willingness to keep one’s heart open under any circumstances. Intimacy is not about having a fixed and secure relationship. It is […]

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