Why We Count on Calcium


Calcium is one of the key minerals for health. It’s hard to say which minerals are most important as they all carry the vibrations of all life. Even so, we know Calcium is definitely one of the top 7 most important.  It is the alkalizing mineral of structure and solidity. Calcium has a powerful attraction for oxygen, as well as sulfur, silicon, and carbon. In a 150-pound man, calcium accounts for about 3 pounds, 12 ounces in the body. Calcium is responsible for solidity, as well as movement. It’s essential for walking, as well as doing physical and mental activities. Without […]

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A Vegan Diet is Safe for Children

Vegan Diet for Kids

Research initiated by myself and completed by graduates of Cousens’ School of Holistic Wellness, involving 119 vegan children, whose diets comprised an average of 80% live food and 20% vegan cooked food, suggests that a vegan, live-food diet is quite safe for children. Vegan parents, who ate approximately 80% live food during gestation, had newborns with an average in the upper 58th percentile for weight. These newborns were in the upper 88th percentile for length, and their body mass index (BMI, comparing weight to height) was in the upper 71st percentile. Although height, weight, and BMI do not entirely define […]

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Phase Chart

All of our recipes are categorized by “phases” as designated in Dr. Cousen’s book, Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine. The chart below covers the foods recommended for each phase.

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Jaime’s Chinese Crêpe with Walnut & Mushroom Meat – Phase 1

*Inspired by the “Raw Food Café Vol.2” book of my friend Sayuri Tanaka. Coconut Wraps (Yields 8) Meat of 3 young coconuts Dash of young coconut water of purified water Blend young coconut meat in a high speed blender with water. Spread evenly onto two non-stick dehydrator liners and dehydrate for approximately 6 hours at 105 ºF, or until dry to the touch but still pliable. Check periodically to ensure wraps do not dry too long and become brittle. (If using a conventional oven please set the oven to lowest temperature, use a baking pan lined with parchment paper and […]

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Yummy Vegan BLT-Phase 1

If you friends and family who are transitioning to a vegan diet, this one’s a winner!  We can’t think of a time that every last piece disappeared shortly after serving. Yes, it’s that good. The eggplant ‘bacon’, which some of us affectionately call ‘facon’, is amazing. This is a recipe you’ll be keeping around for a long time so make a few extra copies and definitely share it with friends and family! Yum-my! BREAD: *Note: 1 batch is too large for the blender so make a ½ batch twice.                        […]

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Cynthia’s Sweet Treats-Phases 1/1.5/2 Options

Shortbread – Phase 1 (Makes 3 Dozen)  6 C. nut pulp (what is strained out when making nut milk) ¼ C. flaxseed ½ C. + 2 Tbsp. Smart Sweet (this can be found online) ¾ C. Coconut Oil 3 ½ Tbsp. Maca powder (optional, Phase 1.5) ½ tsp. Himalayan Salt 1/8 tsp. Liquid Stevia 1/8 tsp. Hazelnut Stevia 1/8 tsp. Vanilla Stevia Optional for Phase 1.5: 3 1/2 Tbsp. Maca powder Grind flax seeds into meal using a coffee grinder or blender, and set aside. Mix all ingredients except ground flax in a bowl. Once mixed, add flax, form into shapes, and dehydrate […]

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The Conscious Eating Kitchen

Conscious Eating Kitchen

The following article is an excerpt from Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD’s book Conscious Eating. IN ORDER TO BEST SERVE YOU IN YOUR LIVE-FOOD PREPARATION, I would like to provide a brief introduction to the optimal live-food kitchen for preparing the following recipes. This includes both general and specific information about equipment, produce, and basic food preparation techniques. I recommend always using fresh, raw, organic produce. The fresher the better. Garden fresh, like we have at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center is ideal; however, high-quality organic produce is available through whole food stores, farmer’s markets, co-ops, mail order and in […]

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Sue Pryer

My expectations were exceeded in every area of my time at Tree of Life. The staff and facilities are unbeatable! I believe everyone should take time to experience the healing and rejuvenating powers of Tree of Life. This has been a Life changing two weeks for me. My time with Debbie during our program has been so valuable. She has expanded my knowledge of preparing raw food and her ability to keep the learning process fun is exceptional.

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Kristin Neibling

Tree of Life is a wonderful place to rejuvenate on every level and to leave with the stuff to live more fully and authentically. Shabbat, Inipi, the people (underlined), the depth of the lessons and how seamlessly they integrated with other spiritual teachings and experiences I have experienced. I felt so much support in meditation times, which allowed me to come more fully to life. I also really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with so many of the other participants and staff from all over the world.

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Anand Sahaja

Tree of Life offers the kind of once (or more) in a lifetime everyone should experience – if only for the best raw buffet ever…but there is sooo much more!

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