The Continued Radiation Exposure From Fukushima Needs To Be Taken Seriously

Recently a very reasonable-sounding, moderate, lacto-vegetarian person (who claims to have studied the radiation issue for one day) created a very thoughtful, reasonable assuring statement that the Fukushima radiation may not be a problem.  This is challenging because it assuaged people’s fears around the issue, while leaving them vulnerable to the real threat.  Part of the problem is that this person, being inexperienced, was, and is, unaware of all the literature on this subject making very clear statements.  Consequently, he ignored the major teachers on the subject. Dr. John Gofman was a physicist hired by the Atomic Energy Commission to […]

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The Truth About Backscatter X-Rays And Airport Security

Nearly a year ago I wrote an article about the dangerous and invasive TSA backscatter x-ray machines being used at a few major airports.  I warned of the risks these machines pose to both our health and our dignity.  The issue has obviously escalated.  There are now 350 full-body, backscatter x-ray scanners being utilized in 70 American airports, with an expected 650 more projected to be in operation by the end of 2011.  I encouraged people to opt out of the machine line and undergo a physical pat-down, but it would appear that TSA’s disregard for human sovereignty extends into […]

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