Oxygen-The Life of the Party

Oxygen is the life of the party. Without oxygen there would be no party. Oxygen strengthens all of our systems – metabolism, mental functioning, cell regeneration, vitality, and anti-aging. Oxygen is the element of enthusiasm and youthfulness. If there’s an excess of oxygen, we tend to get excesses of those characteristics such as being too optimistic and expansive. These people tend to be completely led by feelings and instincts because the brain is overstimulated. In oxygen deficiency, on the other hand, we have people who are nervous, stubborn, hypersensitive, and have an increased amount of bacterial and fungal infections, as […]

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Why do we Need Nitrogen?


Nitrogen is an interesting element as it exists in balance with oxygen. Oxygen has a radical, explosive quality while nitrogen is more restrained. If nitrogen replaced oxygen, we would die of suffocation. If nitrogen were removed from the air, we would burn up from the oxygen. So it’s part of a life-giving balance. There are about 3.8 pounds of organic nitrogen in the body. Nitrogen is the critical element in protein. When we talk about nitrogen, we are, in a sense, talking more about protein. What contains nitrogen in our body are albumins, protein compounds, alkaloid agents, and ammonia and […]

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