Everything Has Already Happened and Nothing Has Ever Happened

One of the mysteries in looking at destiny is to understand that it has already happened. Destiny is not going to happen or planned to happen; it has already occurred. This understanding alone changes our orientation within Time. Upon closer examination we ask, “Where do I live?” “Do I live in Arizona?” “Do I live on the earth?” “Do I live in the Universe?” “Where exactly do I live?” We ultimately come to the awareness that we live nowhere except inside, and destiny has already happened and never happened.   In essence, we live within our own hearts, within our […]

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Building Character (Midot)

Dear Ones, Spiritual life is eternally simple, yet appears complex. It is reflected in what Muktanda’s Guru, the God-merged being called Nityanada, said to him… “Throw away your books and intellectual spiritual questions and meditate.” It is the same message today from an Essene point of view: The teaching of the Torah, its prophets, and of the deep Kabbalah is both simple and profound. It is to live in a way that illuminates and activates our essential, conscious oneness with YHWH. That oneness is already there, but without us being aware of it and putting this teaching at the center […]

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