Liver/Gallbladder Quiz

1. Do you have Diabetes or are you pre-diabetic? 2. Do you experience joint and back pain? 3. Do you have age spots on your skin? 4. Do you experience digestive discomfort? 5. Do you have indigestion, bloating, or constipation? 6. Do you have cravings for sweet, starchy, or salty foods? 7. Do you struggle with weight loss? 8. Do you feel tired with dark circles under your eyes? 9. Do you have difficulty focusing and concentrating? 10. Do you experience moodiness or irritability? 11. Do you have itchy skin or allergy symptoms? 12. Do you have poor immune function? […]

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Spring Cleansing for Liver Health

SPRING CLEANSING FOR LIVER HEALTH The best time for fasting and detox is now! by Dr. Liliane Papin PhD In Chinese medicine, liver and gallbladder are the organs and systems associated with spring, the green color, the wood and tree energy. Of all our organs, the liver is the only one with the ability to re-grow and regenerate itself up to 75%, thus sharing the unique vegetation and wood characteristic of regrowth after a cut. In anatomy books you will find the liver and gallbladder under the description of the “biliary tree” and clearly see the green of the gallbladder. Vitamin D is also […]

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