The Conscious Eating Kitchen

Conscious Eating Kitchen

The following article is an excerpt from Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD’s book Conscious Eating. IN ORDER TO BEST SERVE YOU IN YOUR LIVE-FOOD PREPARATION, I would like to provide a brief introduction to the optimal live-food kitchen for preparing the following recipes. This includes both general and specific information about equipment, produce, and basic food preparation techniques. I recommend always using fresh, raw, organic produce. The fresher the better. Garden fresh, like we have at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center is ideal; however, high-quality organic produce is available through whole food stores, farmer’s markets, co-ops, mail order and in […]

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Traveling in the Raw

Following the Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine while traveling, be it a short trip or a long holiday, can be a challenge when you first begin. In this section we give you some basic hints and tips that we have discovered over the years of following a raw-food diet. They make planning your trip simple and the whole experience one of joy. In Appendix III of this book you will find a section with hints and tips minimizing jet stress, including airplane Yoga. We also recommend that you read the section in Conscious Eating on traveling in the raw. The tips […]

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The Light of Live Foods

Live Foods The Spiritual Nutrition diet is a special type of spiritual vegan diet aimed at helping us transcend body consciousness, clean the koshas, calm the vrittis of the mind, clear the nadis, and expand the prana. For this reason, Spiritual Nutrition is more disciplined than a regular vegetarian diet, generally lighter, and includes Spiritual Fasting and the taking of primarily live foods (uncooked roots, leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds). These are called the food of the rishis (sages) or ancient Yogis, as well as the probable diet of the Essenes. Live foods are raw and uncooked foods, naturally […]

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A Blog From Biafra, Nigeria

This week, I attended a conference on health and nutrition in Nigeria. I landed in Lagos and, from there, flew to Owerri, the capital city of a region once known as Biafra. At one time, Biafra tried to break from British/Muslim control, and they were brutally suppressed.  Their attempted sovereignty was thwarted, and they were unable to gain their independence. Their population suffered significant hardship and mass starvation.  While today there is peace, the memories of these hard times cast long shadows and contribute to the attitudes and actions of these people today, including an ongoing Christian/Muslim tension, in which […]

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The Lion And The Lamb

Dear Ones, Some wonderful prophecies are coming true. “For every beast of the field, every bird of the sky, and everything that walks on the land, that has in it a living soul, all plant vegetation shall be for food.” -Bereisheet 1:30 “And the predators shall dwell in peace with the prey; they shall live and eat together peacefully, unthreatened.” -Isaiah 11:17 As we talk to you about the importance of a plant-source-only diet, it is really helpful to understand the bigger picture, which isn’t just about health and longevity.  Although the data does show plant-source-only eaters live longer such […]

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