The Healing or Evolution of Chaos into Order Creates Harmony

The healing or evolution of chaos into order creates harmony. We may work with people and even compete in a way that is enhancing and synergistically improving what we are doing based on mutual growth by valuing each other’s ideas. This actually creates a healing or another level of order in terms of how to be in the world. The understanding of order/chaos/order is not just on the physical plane of disease, but clearly includes the mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. By reestablishing our vertical connection, we can move out of domination into harmonic partnership without taking energy from each […]

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Aligning with Natural Law

King Solomon said that the wise person sees the result of their actions. The slower learner doesn’t seem to get the result of their actions.  I joke about this when we talk about diet, but it is bigger than that. There are two levels of understanding actions and their ramifications.  On one level there is cosmic flow and cosmic ramifications.  The other level has to do with natural law. If you try to break the laws of nature they will break you. It’s not a break even. You will lose.  Part of wisdom is starting to understand the laws of […]

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