The Importance of Joy

The Importance Of Joy

Joy plays a very important role in spiritual life.  It’s said in the Torah that one should serve God with joy.  When people serve without joy, they don’t receive the benefits of serving.  In fact, they sometimes get the downside.   What does it mean to serve God with joy?  There are different levels of this (being that there are five levels of the body and five or six levels of the mind depending on the tradition).  The highest level (the sixth level) of the mind is called hiranyamaya kosha.  At the level of the hiranyamaya kosha there is a non-causal love.  […]

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The Peace Of Koach Mah

From peace comes joy. As we are doing the work it is important to understand the cosmic flow. When you are really in peace it becomes a source of joy. Both joy and peace come from within. We call this non-causal joy and non-causal peace.  The ability to focus on these grows as you evolve and meditate, until it becomes the predominant energy in your life. Truly peace and joy isn’t separate from us. In a world with so much chaos and disruption, one of the most important things we can do is to focus internally rather than externally. Don’t […]

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