Genetically Engineered Foods: “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”

This is an extract from the Chapter Authentic Foods in Rainbow Green-Live Cuisine Genetically engineered foods provide a more significant threat to our delicate worldwide ecosystems than even pesticides and herbicides. I want to quote John Hagelin, an award-winning quantum physicist and candidate who ran for president on the Natural Law Party ticket. He says, “When genetic engineers disregard the genetic boundaries set in place by natural law, they run the risk of destroying our genetic encyclopedia, compromising the richness of our biodiversity, creating a genetic soup. What this means for the future of our ecosystem, no one knows.” When you […]

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An Age Old Struggle

There has been a struggle going on since the time of Cain and Abel. People have two ways of being. One is that humanity is an expression of God. The other is that humanity is separate and greater than God. Cain insisted that humans are separate from God. Abel insisted that we are part of God. This was the essence of their argument. Before Cain and Abel were the seven civilizations of Edom. These included Atlantis, Lemuria, and others. The Atlantians, with their crystal technology, created a dark force that destroyed the planet. Before the Great Flood were had a […]

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