Awakening From the Dream

A liberated being has woken from the dream. In liberation we realize we are free to move in any direction, experiencing everything as multidimensional beings in multidimensional ways. An awake person is alive. We are the expression of God as life. Through the Divine Force (the kundalini or the ruach ha’kodesh), the Divine Urge is activated. It just pulls you along. The awakening of the Divine Urge, as the awakening of the kundalini, is an act of grace. It is the divine kiss that begins a love affair with God. We have built an entire way of life based on […]

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When you look at the world today, you can’t help but notice that there are very few people living in the truth. We can blame it on the politicians, but the politicians reflect the population. Living in the truth doesn’t mean you have to be enlightened. It’s more about living in integrity with the best you can in terms of an inner truth. The more you meditate and do the Six Foundations, the more you are in touch with the inner truth. It is  just what happens. Then living in the truth, which is not about any ideas, concepts, religion, […]

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The Healing or Evolution of Chaos into Order Creates Harmony

The healing or evolution of chaos into order creates harmony. We may work with people and even compete in a way that is enhancing and synergistically improving what we are doing based on mutual growth by valuing each other’s ideas. This actually creates a healing or another level of order in terms of how to be in the world. The understanding of order/chaos/order is not just on the physical plane of disease, but clearly includes the mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. By reestablishing our vertical connection, we can move out of domination into harmonic partnership without taking energy from each […]

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Becoming a Slave to the Truth

Stay Faithful to the Truth

The one who is a slave to the truth is truly liberated. That is a paradox, but it is the deeper understanding. Once we understand the truth, we must then be faithful to that truth that we have experienced. Without that we have liberation insight, but we cannot hold it in our practice. This is why so many teachers fall. They are not able to hold faithful to their insight into the truth. I am more deeply clarifying the meaning of enlightenment. It is not enough to know the truth and to have the inner experience of it. One must bring […]

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Kundalini (Shekhinah in Hebrew) is the inner spiritualizing energy that takes us to the experiences of non-causal ecstasy, joy, peace, love, and God awareness. These are our natural emotions in Liberation. The power of Kundalini’s unfolding activates the preconditions for Self-realization (Liberation). Kundalini is the Grace of God, which has the potential to transform us into the non-dualistic, holographic, living awareness of the Truth of God, of I AM THAT. A major purpose in understanding Spiritual Nutrition is to eat and live in a way that enhances the spiritualizing force of Kundalini. Once the Kundalini is awakened, it moves through the physical […]

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The Power Of What

We are multi-dimensional beings, operating on every level. We are neither solely up here nor down here. This helps us to understanding our unique dharmic expressions. I’m going to digress and help you with some of this terminology. Important to understand, firstly, is that we are neither fully material nor are we fully spiritual. The spiritual is imbued within the material plane. The mystery also resides within the material plane. The material plane is not really material. The term koach mah can help us to understand this. Koach mah is a Hebrew phrase, meaning “the mystery of what”. What? This […]

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True love does not bind you. True love sets you free.

You cannot search for love. You are love.

Love is a big issue in most people’s lives. The Beatles sang, “All you need is love.” Everyone thinks about love frequently. It’s everyone’s deepest desire. On the deepest level love is the desire for God. The heart of love is our connection with God.

Most people don’t have that connection. They don’t feel it, but they know that it is there, and they know that it isn’t happening. We play it out by trying to have love in our lives through relationships. The truth is that the love we experience in relationship is connected to our love for God.

Love is fundamental to being human, and it is a fundamental part of who we are in the awakened state. An understanding of the koshas (levels of the mind) reveals this. The highest kosha is the anandamayakosha, and it is our natural human state as love, peace, oneness, and satisfaction. It is non-causal, because the truth is that the source of all love is within us. It is not outside of us.

Accessing love therefore means clearing the obstructions within ourselves that allow us access to who we really are. The more we awaken and live according to the Six Foundations, which helps us create a quiet mind, the power of love begins to come through. It is not something we strive for. It is something we are.

People want to be compassionate, but we are compassion. We need only uncover our compassion. We look here and there and everywhere except where it really is – within ourselves. The work is unpeeling, uncovering, detoxifying, on the physical, mental, and emotional levels, so that we can experience the truth of who we are. One aspect of that truth is love.

This does not exclude us from being in loving relationships, but it changes the nature of these relationships. One no longer seeks completion in these relationships. One no longer seeks love in these relationships. Instead we amplify our experience of love through these relationships.

You cannot seek what you already are. You are already that. In relationship more love emerges. The more we can access our natural compassionate, loving state, the more we are able to experience love in all creation and the more we are able to experience love for God. (This is not to separate us from an external God. We are one with that.) What becomes revealed is that it is all compassion, love, peace, and satisfaction.

The Rolling Stones sang, “I can’t get no satisfaction.” What’s the problem here? Of course you can’t get it, because you are it. People are simply looking in the wrong places. They look everywhere but where it is – Inside.

All the spiritual paths and all the religions may be distilled to this – You are going to connect to the truth within yourself. Some ways are easier than others, but ultimately, one way or another, that’s where it goes. When we look at the various ways different religions yield this understanding, we can see that they all teach the Six Foundations. They all create devotion.  What is this devotion? The love starts outside. That is why relationship is a spiritual practice for connecting with God. Relationship activates the external and eventually works its way inside.

You are very unlikely to get into a codependent relationship when you realize that the other person is not the source of your love. When you realize that you are the source then the relationship becomes interdependent, and that interdependence amplifies your love for God. One and one becomes greater than two in relationship. Relationship is a tool for accessing one’s own love.

Relationship teaches us that we are love, and that the loved one is love too. You recognize the love in the other. You recognize the Divine in the other. There is a resonance, and this makes the relationship deeper.

It is the same with Nature. We begin to resonate with the spark of the Divine in Nature, and we begin to see love, in a sense, in everything (including ourselves). Conversely when we resonate with love in ourselves, we resonate with it in everything around us. Our whole world becomes love.

So how do we create access to this inner experience? The Six Foundations are a simple way for us to be present with ourselves. Being present takes us into the divine Presence, and this leads us to the doorway to love. Love isn’t something we do. Love is something we are. Deeper still, we must understand that our inner experience needs to manifest as an outer experience so that the love emanates and amplifies. You don’t have to be in a deep relationship to do this. Your experience of self love activates and creates resonance with those around you.

When I talk about relationship, I am also talking about intimacy. It is one thing to be love, and it’s another thing to be in an intimate, loving, enduring relationship. Love creates a field for that to happen. Love helps us to overcome our fear of relationship. To overcome our fear of relationship we have to face all our programs that keep us from being open to love. We have to face our programs that we inherited from negative experiences in relationship. These experiences make us afraid of being hurt. The power of love helps us to overcome those fears. Ultimately when you realize that nobody can take love away from you, because it is you, it is pretty hard to get hurt because you are the emanation of that. It becomes easier and easier then to develop intimate relationship. Through love it is easier to create a safe space for relationship because in the space of love, where you are feeling at one with all things, your tendency to hurt someone, particularly your intimate other, is greatly diminished. I used the word “enduring” because a safe space is an enduring space. It is a space where you can truly be yourself and know that in being yourself the other person is going to validate that by seeing the divine spark in you. They are there for you, as you are there for them. They are there to elevate you and support you in reaching your highest potential. Love is the foundation for deep, enduring intimacy.

We are not talking about romantic love. True, that helps for a while. We’re talking about the resonant love that comes from knowing that you are a fountain of love and sharing that in an intimate relationship. From that space of love you are sharing safety. From that space of love you are sharing peace. These are the subtleties that build the foundation of a healthy relationship that can spread to the whole world.

May everyone be blessed to know that we are the source of enduring love.


“True love does not bind you. True love sets you free.”

“You cannot search for love. You are love.”

“Love is not all there is. There is only God. From that knowledge comes noncausal love, noncausal peace, noncausal compassion, noncausal oneness – These are all part of our essential nature.”

Unique Self Dialogues

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