The Conscious Eating Kitchen

Conscious Eating Kitchen

The following article is an excerpt from Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD’s book Conscious Eating. IN ORDER TO BEST SERVE YOU IN YOUR LIVE-FOOD PREPARATION, I would like to provide a brief introduction to the optimal live-food kitchen for preparing the following recipes. This includes both general and specific information about equipment, produce, and basic food preparation techniques. I recommend always using fresh, raw, organic produce. The fresher the better. Garden fresh, like we have at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center is ideal; however, high-quality organic produce is available through whole food stores, farmer’s markets, co-ops, mail order and in […]

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Traveling in the Raw

Following the Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine while traveling, be it a short trip or a long holiday, can be a challenge when you first begin. In this section we give you some basic hints and tips that we have discovered over the years of following a raw-food diet. They make planning your trip simple and the whole experience one of joy. In Appendix III of this book you will find a section with hints and tips minimizing jet stress, including airplane Yoga. We also recommend that you read the section in Conscious Eating on traveling in the raw. The tips […]

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