Iodine – Open Letter to Dr. Mercola

Dear Dr. Mercola, I have great appreciation for the good information you bring to the public as well as for your stances in favor of labeling GMO foods in California and against vaccinations. However, recently you made a statement that the highest amount of daily iodine intake should be no more than 400 micrograms, and that surprised me. For the sake of higher public good, I would like to suggest a variety of scientific and holistic reasons for why a significantly higher amount of iodine should be used. What you recommend is only slightly higher than the FDA recommendation, which […]

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Gabriel’s Open Letter To Dr. Mercola

Dear Dr. Mercola, Thank you for your excellent, thoughtful, and sensitive discussion on vegetarianism and the China study.  I have been researching and exploring the benefits of a plant-source-only diet for over 38 years (since 1973).  Given the length of my practice and the scope of my experience, I have come to some working conclusions on the interrelated topics of diet, health, and longevity. I am writing this for the people who have become confused by your subtle, but clear avocation for a meat-centered diet over a plant-source-only diet, as they are tentatively inspired to shift from one paradigm of health […]

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