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If the Food and Drug Administration has its way, thousands of supplements will be removed from store shelves. We’ve heard this cry before, but this time it is very true. Supplements that you and I might take for granted – like resveratrol, L-GABA, curcumin, bioperine, and many more – which have not hurt a soul but only helped the health of millions, are slated for oblivion because the outlaw FDA thinks that it alone can decide whether they are safe or not. It might seem like a joke, but the FDA is dead serious.   Ignoring the law passed by […]

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The FDA Has Just Declared War On America’s Health And Wellness

Dear Friends, The FDA has just intensified its war on America’s and your personal health and wellness by abruptly deciding to strictly enforce a little-known section of the 1994 DSHEA, which has thusfar protected supplement manufacturers from harsh, discriminatory and unreasonable regulations. The NDI (New Dietary Rules) clause in the DSHEA mandates that dietary supplement manufacturers notify the FDA whenever a new ingredient is added to their formulations. Since 1994 this bureaucratic formality has been only loosely enforced. Now the FDA will begin enforcing NDI, in order to intentionally deny all ingredients introduced since 1994 and to amplify their blatant, unethical alliance with the pharmaceutical international monopoly. This NDI […]

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Codex Alimentarius Criminalizes Your Nutritional Supplements, Organic Foods, And Even Your Organic Garden

CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, an UN-sponsored global food standards body, is deceptively promoted as “consumer protection”. Based on junk science (e.g., treating nutrients as if they were toxins) and treating pesticides and herbicides as if they are safe by eliminating all upper limits of pesticide residues in food, Codex is devitalizing and toxifiying the world’s food supply. Springing directly from the German genocidal Final Solution, Codex is an intentional global depopulation tool. A Codex is a brilliantly conceived long ranged plan presented under the guide of food security and safety. The hand-in-glove partnership of the US Government and Codex to make nutrients […]

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