Chinese System of Yin/Yang Foods

From Dr. Cousens’ book, Conscious Eating: The interrelating and complementary principles of yin and yang are key concepts in traditional Chinese philosophy that are used to describe the dynamic nature of the universe. The principles of yin and yang, though polar opposites, do not exist without each other. According to traditional Chinese thought, everything, even the personality, can be viewed from the perspective of yin and yang elements. Yang attributes are contractive, hot, fiery, dense, heavy, flat, and low to the ground. A yang personality is powerful, strong-willed, extroverted,grounded, outgoing, focused, concrete, active, and prone to getting angry easily. An […]

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How to Develop the Best Diet for Yourself

The following article is an excerpt from Dr. Cousens’ book Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine. Click here to download the remaining chapter to learn about Fast-and-Slow Oxidizer Diets, Ayurvedic Dietary Considerations and Blood Type and Diet. The key to creating the optimal diet for yourself is to understand that there is no single best diet for everyone. This is contrary to the fallacy of allopathic thinking which, as a rule, does not address the person’s underlying biochemical individuality. Recently the human genome research by the federal government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) found as many as 1.4 million variations in the […]

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Individualizing Your Diet with Physiological Type

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