Aligning with Natural Law

King Solomon said that the wise person sees the result of their actions. The slower learner doesn’t seem to get the result of their actions.  I joke about this when we talk about diet, but it is bigger than that. There are two levels of understanding actions and their ramifications.  On one level there is cosmic flow and cosmic ramifications.  The other level has to do with natural law. If you try to break the laws of nature they will break you. It’s not a break even. You will lose.  Part of wisdom is starting to understand the laws of […]

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The Peace Of Koach Mah

From peace comes joy. As we are doing the work it is important to understand the cosmic flow. When you are really in peace it becomes a source of joy. Both joy and peace come from within. We call this non-causal joy and non-causal peace.  The ability to focus on these grows as you evolve and meditate, until it becomes the predominant energy in your life. Truly peace and joy isn’t separate from us. In a world with so much chaos and disruption, one of the most important things we can do is to focus internally rather than externally. Don’t […]

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