A Liberation Lifestyle

There are two levels of dharma. The first is what you do in your life. The second is the ultimate dharma – to know God. If you have the right perspective, everything is pointing that way… but that is the background for the discussion. When we say the prayer, “L’shem yichud”, it is a reminder that we are multi-dimensional beings, living both on the physical plane, the astral plane, the mental plane also on the plane of the Nothing, the plane of chokmah, or wisdom. In the yoga tradition there is a nice way of explaining dharma. It is one […]

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The Power Of What

We are multi-dimensional beings, operating on every level. We are neither solely up here nor down here. This helps us to understanding our unique dharmic expressions. I’m going to digress and help you with some of this terminology. Important to understand, firstly, is that we are neither fully material nor are we fully spiritual. The spiritual is imbued within the material plane. The mystery also resides within the material plane. The material plane is not really material. The term koach mah can help us to understand this. Koach mah is a Hebrew phrase, meaning “the mystery of what”. What? This […]

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