The Elusive B12

The work at the Tree of Life and in all my nutrition books, Spiritual Nutrition, Conscious Eating and Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine is to provide an optimal situation for everyone to be successful vegan and live food practitioners. To that end, we address every single issue that is connected with being successful. The B-12 issue is one that is critical to a successful and healthy vegan and live food way of life. To understand the significance of this issue, we need to understand a little about the importance of B-12 in the diet. The average non-vegetarian stores between 2,000 […]

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Deficiencies On A Meat-Based Diet

Many meat eaters claim that a vegan diet is insufficient without supplementation. While this is true, a meat-centered diet is also insufficient without supplementation. Meat-eaters require supplementation just as much as vegans. Studies continue to emerge linking meat-centered diets and chronic disease. If plant-source-only eaters have less chronic diseases than meat-eaters, why don’t they live significantly longer? One of main reasons for this is carnosine deficiency. What is carnosine? Carnosine is two amino acids, L-histadine and alanine, linked. It is a dipeptide that acts as a very powerful antioxidant. Most importantly, it prevents glycoselation. Glycoselation, as one of the main […]

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