The Power of Awakened Human Consciousness

Recently it’s been in the headlines that there is a physicist who has proven the existence of God. The discovery of a specific tachyon-type of particle is bringing science and God-awareness together. People have known about the transcendent God for thousands of years, and science is catching up. This is good. We have the intelligent design from the transcendent creator. When we look at it from another angle, we see that there is also an eminent God that is active in our world. Shamanic mysticism in particular focuses on the eminent God. The Divine, through the act of grace brings […]

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Beyond I Am

We are born into the dream (or the illusion) of the “I Am-ness”.  And from the “I Am-ness” emerges the personality and the identification with the personality.  From that identification immerges a belief of you being the person within the matrix as your normal state.  It has been said, “I Am the Light, the Truth, and the Way”. We should understand that this speaks of the “I Am-ness” as the “Way”.  This focus on the Way (the “I Am-ness”) is the first step in awakening.  From the “I Am-ness” we have “I Am this” and “I Am that” and we […]

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Angela Hamblin

The seven day juice fast is an authentic gentle and loving spiritual journey inward. The love and support from the Tree of Life Staff empowers you to go deep within. The experience of awakening the kundalini energy is exciting and humbling. The meditations, yoga, and shabbat open you even deeper on this mystical beautiful path of love and light. The surroundings are divine love and a pure pleasure. I am honored and greatful to be in love with my life and all of God’s creation as one. I am joyfully greateful for the divine and the entire staff at the Tree […]

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