My expectations were exceeded in every area of my time at Tree of Life. The staff and facilities are unbeatable! I believe everyone should take time to experience the healing and rejuvenating powers of Tree of Life. This has been a Life changing two weeks for me. My time with Debbie during our program has been so valuable. She has expanded my knowledge of preparing raw food and her ability to keep the learning process fun is exceptional.

Sue S

Beautiful location! The food and spa services were amazing. Everyone was really friendly. It was a great place to take a break for a few days. I really appreciated the space for meditation at the beginning and end of the day.

Jess J

Thank you so much for a truly life-changing experience.

James J

The whole experience was great, the days were full of joyful activities and teachings on all aspects of healthy life style, the happy smilely staff made the stay so much nicer. If you are ready for a lifestyle change and want to reach and understand a high level about health go to the Tree.

Hamish H

Tree of Life is a wonderful place to rejuvenate on every level and to leave with the stuff to live more fully and authentically. Shabbat, Inipi, the people (underlined), the depth of the lessons and how seamlessly they integrated with other spiritual teachings and experiences I have experienced. I felt so much support in meditation times, which allowed me to come more fully to life. I also really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with so many of the other participants and staff from all over the world.

Kristin K

Tree of Life offers the kind of once (or more) in a lifetime everyone should experience - if only for the best raw buffet ever...but there is sooo much more!

Anand A

I loved being held in the womb of the land. I felt fulfilled by the penetrating teachings coming through, and the subtle energy that resonated, purified, and empowered me. In particular the Modern Essene Gathering, and as a whole the Tree of Life, is a chance to be open to the mystery, supported by an inspiring community, depth of teaching, and room for your unique soul to see it's own light on the path.

Michael M

This gathering goes so far beyond any other "spiritual workshop". This is a weekend intensive that may very well change the course of your life for the better. Being around such like-minded people is an incredible blessing that the Modern Essene Gathering facilitates with grace and ease. It's like being with family. The content Gabriel presents is more in-depth each year. There is a richness and a sweetness in this experience that goes beyond words. It's truly priceless.

Shalvah S

It was a very good, informative program. I would recommend it to anyone seeking to advance in their spiritual journey.

George G

Tree of Life is totally authentic and geared for real wellness.

Ellen E

The seven day juice fast is an authentic gentle and loving spiritual journey inward. The love and support from the Tree of Life Staff empowers you to go deep within. The experience of awakening the kundalini energy is exciting and humbling. The meditations, yoga, and shabbat open you even deeper on this mystical beautiful path of love and light. The surroundings are divine love and a pure pleasure. I am honored and greatful to be in love with my life and all of God's creation as one. I am joyfully greateful for the divine and the entire staff at the Tree of Life for such a profound loving experience.

Angela A

In my over 74 years on earth, I am unshakable in the belief of two facts in the realm of good, radiant health and wellness.  That man is endowed with great knowledge, to discover good herbs and drugs for the amelioration of our health and life.  But without the divine (the author or creator of our lives) intervention in the process, the healing may not be complete!!   Hence the saying “man cures but only God heals!” This wholesome package and more is what is being practiced here at The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia.  That explains the very high success rate of those who come here with one ailment or the other.  They all go back home at the end of their stay not only cured but also completely healed. I am excited and grateful, to Dr. Gabriel Cousens and his team for the opportunity to partake in this life transforming experience with my diabetes of five years completely gone without the use of the harsh western drugs.  My weight of 259 pounds reduced by almost 20 pounds to 239 pounds and my blood pressure plummeted finally averaging 120/76 all after a 3-week stay in the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center at Patagonia this August/September 2013. I cannot find any other appropriate word to show my deep appreciation other then to say ‘thank you a million times’

Pastor P

I knew I would learn lots, and it was all that and more. My questions were answered and I am complete

Chris C

Its wonderful. A true oasis

Amy A

Each person I encountered was kind, helpful, generous, and generally fun. Individually and collectively they made my stay beautiful and I am grateful.

Julie J

If you want a structured, supportive detox program with a spiritual component to it, go to the Tree of Life.

Shanti S

The tree is very special place

Gwen G

I loved the feeling of instant community amongst staff, students, and guests

Audrey A

I had a blast

Audy A

Thank you very much for the contribution you are all making to others and to the planet. I am leaving inspired to incorporate a number of things into my life as a result.

Bonnie B

To experience true peace and quietness, being with wonderful people and eating the most healthy food one can have is found at the Tree of Life

Ruby R

Thank you. We like vacationing with like minded spiritual people! We'll be back!

David D

So grateful for this space, Dr. Cousens and the people here. Such an opening experience.

Tessa T

The love and dedication by every single member of staff is wonderful. Ultimately, that is the cherry on top of the (raw) pie

Jenny J

I loved the land and the location, the views and the air quality are fantastic. The salads at the cafe are mouth watering.

Natasha N

This is definitely a place for rejuvenation, learning, and changing ones lifestyle habits. A place to rest and go in, and recharge.

Lani L

It's a unique and marvelous place. I will be back.

Susan S

This is the opportunity of a lifetime to learn and grow and spark your healing potential. I learned so much about myself.

Tanya T

I am sooo grateful for all the healing I have experienced here. This is truly a magical place and I give thanks for the opportunity to have had this experience.

Ally A

Thank you for providing the space and tools for healing, cleansing, and growth. I will definitely come visit the Tree again.

Rachael R

I can't speak highly enough about the staff. Every person I encountered was warm, friendly, engaging and willing to help me. I can feel their genuineness.

Shanell S

Excellent place to relax and reconnect with your mind and soul. Very peaceful.

Julia J

The people and environment were great. The raw food meals were fantastic. Some of the best raw food I've eaten.

Danny D

Definitely a life changing event and worth it. I've learned so much and have more time to learn even more.

Lydia L

This is truly an inspirational place. I admire how the authenticity is guarded and preserved.

Monica M

The most amazing experience of my lifetime

Jacqueline J

A totally wonderful transformative experience

Joe J

I love the balance and blend of spacious natures, talks, ceremonies, land activities, meditations, yoga, breathworks, silence, wheatgrass, etc. It was very deep, spoke to all my inner truths and will help me be a greater light

Erika E

Every time I return to the Tree I am reminded of the deep value of the teachings I receive. I am continually astonished at the depth and bredth of Dr. Cousens knowledge.

Cyndi C

It felt great to do something so wonderful for my mind, body, and soul.

Jeanie J

I loved the experience. The Conscious Eating I and II courses are amazing.

Isabel I

This is a miracle resource. If you can give up your "comfort foods" you can reverse diabetes, and the Tree of Life is the place to do it.

Patricia P

A great place to detox and find peace

Corinne C

The Spa staff, Livia, Kim, Lilian, and Joanna were great.

Vaughan V

I had a fantastic experience. I totally recommend the Tree of Life for anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle for the body, mind and spirit.

Lisa L

I love the warm hospitality of all the staff, their support. I loved Dr. Gabriel's elevated consciousness, and love for all living beings and the planet. I wish the message of The Tree of Life gets to be known to everyone on the planet.

Achilleas A

I loved the food and beautifully presented, amazingly tasty, great variation and so healthy. The people/staff were extremely friendly and helpful.

Caiseal C

The Tree of Life is wonderful place to regain your health. A very nurturing place.

Carol C

Don't miss this opportunity if you are interested in living a quality life, filled with health and spirituality

Will W

Thank you for the space to heal and grow, a new goal of vacations of mine. I hope to return.

Jeanette J

I like how spiritually tactile the method is.

Dean D

Go to the Tree of Life and do the Zero-Point.  It will change your life for the better.

Simon S

This place is amazing, Gabriel is genius, the team is fantastic and the programes are transformational.

TeRana T

TOL is a peak experience, nurturing. Go and experience the place, you will be rewarded.

Paula P

I have gratitude for being a guest at the Tree of Life. My experience here has been the greatest of my life. I have never experienced the compassion, knowledge, understanding, and caring of such a unique group of people.

Sharon S

It was a gentle, caring experience. Its an experience well worth having; uplifiting and inspiring

Chris C

Not easy but transformative and eye opening

Gene G

I had two profound results that helped me immediately in my life

Dottye D

The 21-Day program is necessary for anyone who wants to jump start their life in the direction of fulfilling their purpose, or who wants meaning in their life.

Daphne D

I have done fasting, yoga, & meditation before, but never on the level of competence and integrity that Dr. Cousens and his staff have designed. Medical, emotional and spiritual concerns are addressed here in one fully integrated, lovingly supportive program.

Galina G