Spring Cleansing for Liver Health

The best time for fasting and detox is now!

by Dr. Liliane Papin PhD

Green Juice FastingIn Chinese medicine, liver and gallbladder are the organs and systems associated with spring, the green color, the wood and tree energy.

Of all our organs, the liver is the only one with the ability to re-grow and regenerate itself up to 75%, thus sharing the unique vegetation and wood characteristic of regrowth after a cut. In anatomy books you will find the liver and gallbladder under the description of the “biliary tree” and clearly see the green of the gallbladder.

Vitamin D is also stored and synthesized in the liver. So the liver shares in the photosynthesis function of the vegetal kingdom. According to Chinese medicine, the Liver “opens into the eyes,” the sense that processes light just like plants process sunlight.

We can better understand therefore why, even with exposure to the sun or when taking supplements, many people cannot absorb vitamin D and get enough of it. When our liver is clogged, our inner tree fails to store and transform the light that would make us thrive. Just like the soil, the gallbladder can become filled with stones, a problem so common nowadays that gallbladder removal is quickly becoming the number one surgery in the US.



On a physical level, poor digestion, sluggishness, constipation, herpes, migraines, headaches, conjonctivitis, tiredness upon awakening are among some of the common signs.

On an emotional level, anger, impatience, crying spells and depression are also telltale signs of stagnant liver energy. A healthy liver naturally guides us toward creativity and rebirth.

If that rejuvenating system is blocked and heavy, its forceful creative impulse is hampered and turns either into anger or into its opposite of depression. The liver and gallbladder carry our aspirations to growth and calling toward the light both emotionally and spiritually. The pineal gland, our “third eye” is the gland most associated with our liver functions and regulates our cycles of sleep and awakening in phase with the cycles of light and darkness.

A disruption of Liver energy might also translate into emotional roller coasters and agitation that keep us from meditating and often brings us into conflicts with others,
hampering our yearning for inner peace.



In a nutshell, anything heavy. Dense foods such as meat, dairy, greasy, sticky sugary foods, drugs, overindulgence and overeating (even of good foods!) are on top of the list.

The Liver loves nothing better than the lightness of green vegetable foods, green juices, wheatgrass, fresh sprouts and foods filled with sunlight and oxygen as well as foods made lighter through fermentation and sprouting. Light…light…light…in both meanings of the word. Vegan and live foods are its best allies!

The Liver and gallbladder love the lightness of laughter and smile, projects, dreams and vision. Stress, tension, heavy stagnant emotions and moods are damaging to their upward seeking tree nature. So yes, you got the hint:



When we opt for a fast or detox program. The liver is one of our top tools for youth and renewal just like spring, its season, is the time of renewal in nature. In our bodies, it plays the cleansing part of the forests and trees of our planet. There is nothing like it to make our skin glow and our eyes sparkle!

Do you want to rejuvenate and cleanse, thus restoring the vibrant health of our amazing and beautiful inner liver tree? There is no better time than now!

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Dr. Liliane PapinDr. Liliane Papin is a licensed acupuncturist in Arizona, passed the D.O.M (Doctor of Oriental Medicine) examination in New Mexico in 2003 and holds a Ph.D in philosophy from the Unversity of Wisconsin. She taught Chinese Medicine in two different schools, AUCM (Atlantic University of Chinese Medicine where she was Dean of students) and Daoist traditions in Asheville North Carolina where she taught until her move to Arizona in 2012.

Dr. Papin has supervised many students and managed a successful practice, Kwan Yin Medicine, in Asheville, NC, until 2012, when she and her husband decided to move to Patagonia to work with Dr. Cousens at the Tree of Life. Dr. Papin studied macrobiotic philosophy under Michio Kushi, became a certified macrobiotic teacher in 1994 and lived in Japan and China for 6 years. Nutrition, food therapy and their relationship between to physical, emotional and spiritula health have always been at the center of her medical training and practice.

Her discovery of live foods and Dr. Cousens’ work and research marked a new step in her professional and personal evolution and brought her to the Tree of Life where she is presently practicing.

Please note: the information shared here does not replace the guidance of a qualified medical practitioner. Please consult your health care professional before beginning any cleansings program.