Spiritual Anatomy

Kundalini is the cosmic force of the universe. It is the active feminine force of the universe that is a spiritual energy of the Divine on the planet. It is said that the cosmic force descends and stores itself at the base of the spine. People think it is in the first chakra in the yukta triveni, which is the area below the first chakra, where the three rivers meet. What are the three rivers? They are the shushumna, ida, and pingala. These are the three main nadis.

What are the nadis? In our spiritual anatomy, there are 72,000 nadis. These carry the spiritual energy in the subtle nervous system of the body. They meet and cross over at the chakras. Of those, these three are the most important. The ida is the lunar energy. The pingala is the solar energy. There are different qualities associated with each one.  Ida is feminine and cooling. When the ida is imbalanced people and have sleep disturbances, entity problems, and confusion. This is one of the main areas where people can get out of balance. Pingala is the yang energy. It is the masculine energy.  It is intellectual, goal oriented, and theoretical. It is more pronounced in jnana (knowledge) yoga – the yoga of the mind. Central is the shushumna.

In reality, there are four nadis within the nadis. The first is the outer, the shushumna nadi. The other is the vajra nadi, the lightning bolt energy. Surrounding that is the chitrini nadi, which is the water energy. This carries the more inner energies of the kundalini. They all end in the third eye. When I give shaktipat, I’m touching where they all come together. Now, the key is the brahma nadi. The brahma nadi goes from the base and goes all the way up to the crown, which is the space between the left and the right sides of the brain. It carries the energy of liberation. These details give you an overview of the intricacy.

Along with the nadis we have grantis. These are knots that regulate the flow. This is part of it. The flow has to be regulated. The grantis are at the base, at the heart, and at the third eye. There are three levels of kundalini. First is prana kundalini, the initial kundalini that gets awakened. Chit kundalini gets awakened from the heart to the third eye, and para kundalini gets released from the third eye up to the crown and is associated with liberation. This is a little bit more intricate than simply talking about awakening the kundalini.

When the kundalini is awakened it moves throughout the whole body upgrading the spiritual energy. It upgrades the chakra systems and the flow of energy throughout the whole system of nadis. In that process, it transforms you spiritually. There are other subtleties as well. There is the soma chakra – the Ah Cah Tha triangle. It’s the moon energy right below the seventh chakra. These are all visions that I’ve seen. Within that are the male and female energies having to do with integration. How did I see these? I don’t know. They would appear, and then I’d go look things up.  That’s a little bit of the spiritual anatomy.

The kundalini will not awaken unless your system is ready. That’s the safe guard. When I give shaktipat, if the kundalini needs 10 units to awaken, maybe you’re at 7, but the shaktipat will add the extra 3 units, and then the kundalini can awaken. Shaktipat is the safest way to awaken the kundalini. Kundalini awakening flips the final switch towards liberation. One of the great masters, Ramakrishna, from the 1880’s, said that it is not until the kundalini is awakened that you really begin your spiritual journey. Swami Muktananda, one of my two enlightened gurus, said it’s not until the kundalini is awakened that we know our spiritual greatness. I don’t mean that from an egocentric perspective, but we understand the depth of who we’re meant to be as spiritual beings. That’s the process of shaktipat. This is a very unique and powerful event that begins the final stage of the spiritual evolution. It may take several lifetimes, but that’s ok. It’s the final stage. That is the key and the reason for its significance.

Just because the kundalini is awakened doesn’t mean it’s going to do much if you don’t feed it. In 1975, when I received shaktipat from Swami Muktananda, all of these visions were happening, and a little voice rang out saying, “You should learn to eat and live in a way that feeds the kundalini.” From that experience has come the Six Foundations, which support the unfolding of the kundalini and create a quiet mind. Yoga is quieting the activities of the mind, and yoga is more than that. That’s stage one. Stage two is when we transcend the mind. This is also known as different variations of the samadhi. The kundalini has the power to take you beyond the mind. The koshas are the layers of the mind. The anandamayakosha is the highest layer of the mind. In entering anandamayakosha we enter into the energetics of non-causal love, non-causal peace, non-causal contentment, non-causal oneness, and non-causal compassion. These are the natural human emotions.

What is the point of all of this? Why bother? Inherent in us is the most primordial urge for the Divine. This is deeper than the urge for sex or for death. When that’s awakened it takes us to the purpose of life, which is to know God and to be liberated. In other terms, we are born into the illusion, into the dream of “I Amness”, or the mind. We don’t get bored. The mind gets bored. We, the soul, are eternal. There is no birth or death for the soul. You cannot get bored. What gets bored is the mind. In the liberation process we begin to understand that we are not the mind. We are prior to the mind. We are prior to the personality. The personality is a case of mistaken identity. Of all of the thoughts we’ve been programmed with, it doesn’t matter what the programming is, we have all been programmed, and ultimately liberation is stepping outside of the program, stepping outside matrix. As liberated beings, we are beyond our programming. Ultimately, liberation requires that we go beyond the mind. That is the key point that I am making. The mind is what gets born. This illusion of the “I Amness” is what gets born. When we wake up, we no longer believe we’re the stories of our past, the present, or the future, but we are awake and open to the continual experience of the Divine in our lives. That is what it’s about, to be free of the matrix, to be outside the mind. This doesn’t mean we can’t use the mind, but we transcend the mind. That’s the deeper meaning of yoga and the deeper meaning of liberation.

May everybody be blessed that we are able to transcend the illusion of the mind as who we are.