Specific Healing Qualities of Food

From Conscious Eating by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD:

The next step in understanding the particular energy of a food is to realize that each food has specific healing qualities, which is different from a general pitta or vata or yin or yang effect. This is highlighted in Dr.Bernard Jensen’s book, Food That Heals,and in the classical juice therapy book by Dr. N. W. Walker, Raw Vegetable Juices. Jensen’s book lists the foods and Walker’s book lists the food juices and their specific healing qualities.The juices in our spiritual juice fast retreats are used according to these heal-ing principles. The different Chinese medical texts also give extensive lists of foods and their specific healing qualities. In both East and West, herbs are considered food, and there are hundreds of herbal books that describe the specific healing qualities of herbs. The importance and role of food inthe preservation of health cannot be underestimated. Dr. Jensen quotes Dr.Victor G. Rocine, who said “If we eat wrongly, no doctor can cure us; if we eat rightly, no doctor is needed.” Rocine was among the first Western doctors to understand that particular foods have particular minerals that our bodies need more of when we have certain diseases. For example, if one had hypothyroid from an iodine deficiency, eating foods that are high in iodine, such as kelp, supplies the iodine needed to help correct the condition. Rocine also clarified that there are personality types that can be traced to the dominance of calcium, silicon, or sulphur in a person’s system. The homeopathic system developed by Samuel Hahnemann more than two-hundred years ago has shown in daily practice that when certain minerals, herbs, and other plant and animal substances are energetically amplified by way of homeopathic preparation they help to heal specific constitutional types. Homeopaths have discovered that certain personalities respond to specific potentized substances. Sulphur, club moss, calcium
carbonate, phosphorus, and arsenic are just a few of hundreds of substances that are specific remedies for different personality types and medical conditions. The highly respected spiritual teacher Paramahansa Yogananda found that many foods affect specific characteristics of our personality. For example, in Fourteen Steps to Higher Consciousness, by J. Donald Walters, and is quoted as saying that almonds improve “self-control” and“calmness of the mind and nerves”; bananas increase “humility and calm-ness”; blackberries create “purity of thought”; dates help to remedy an overly critical nature by bringing out the quality of sweetness and tenderness;oranges help to banish melancholia and stimulate the brain; and raspberries enhance “kindheartedness.” The Bach Flower Remedies developed by the English physician Edward Bach in the 1930s are specifically based on how flowers, trees, and herbs can “flood our natures with the particular virtue we need, and wash out from us the fault that is causing the harm.” In this way, the Bach Flower Remedies heal specific emotional imbalances. The book Flower Essences,by Gurudas, goes into depth on the particular energies and specific effects that the different flowers and herbs have on the physical constitution, personality, mind, and spirit of a person. The point is that in their natural living forms, food, juices, herbs, and minerals are living energies that affect us on every level of our being in very specific ways.