Resisting the Pressure of PC

There is a subtlety in the merging of the heavens and the earth. We really live on multiple planes. Tonight’s Essene communion is about the Koach Mah – the “Power of What.” This morning’s Essene communion was about Life Force. Those two go together. In the context of the larger picture, there are real forces happening on the planet that are distinctively unbalanced. There is much chaos on the planet.

The Torah teaches that there’s a dynamic play between individual expression as part of dynamic whole and also the role and interface with the collective. That dynamic balance is a powerful, creative energy. In one sense, the individual pulls and gathers energy from the collective, and the collective gathers energy from the individual. There’s an evolutionary balance in that play.

Today there are forces that are actively attempting to remove individual creative expression – more so than at any other time I’ve seen in my life thus far. Within the last two years I’ve noticed the tremendous pressure of political correctness on people, though the issue bigger than that. “If you don’t fit into the Borg1 we’re going to destroy you.” There is no option not to comply. We see this in business and in politics: “If you don’t like our opinion that sets a new morality or ethics, or if you don’t want to be part of this mass consciousness (the Borg), we’re not just going to let you go your own way, we’re going to destroy or devour you.”

This is a worldwide issue. It is not simply occurring in the United States. How has this become worldwide in such a short time? There are larger forces at play. There are larger plans and intentions than mere local politics. When they can make everyone part of the Borg, they can take that collective life force and live off it. Someone is in charge of the Borg. At a certain level, this is what’s going on. Individual creative expression is surrendered to the whole.

Vaccinations are an example of this. The statistics show us that within the countries that most heavily vaccinate, those vaccinated have the highest infant-mortality rates and more hospitalizations. The United States has the most vaccinations and the most deaths from ages one-year and younger. If they are trying to protect life through the use of vaccinations. Why is this? There is a direct parallel between increased vaccinations and increased deaths. The lie that has no scientific evidence to support it, however, is that these are to protect the greater whole.

The important principle to see here is the sacrifice for the whole, even if it means your life and even if it doesn’t work. Who is this whole? Who gains from people getting sick and not having a properly functioning mind? The current rate of autism is 1 out of 40 for boys and 1 out of 68 for girls. The rate of autism used to be 1 out of every 10,000. Before we started vaccinating, the rate of autism was zero. Autism did not exist. Vaccinations are one example of sacrifice for the whole. The pressure to vaccinate has moved to the forefront around the world in only about a year or two. This emphasis is another indication that something is wrong. There is a higher level of control.

Most important is our spiritual evolution, and this depends on us being the creative artists of our lives, so that in our particular way we can trust in our experience of the Divine – so that we can become liberated. This is the way that the program of evolution is set up. But that program doesn’t serve the dark side. Slavery is a contrary purpose. There is a conflict of interest. It isn’t just personal sacrifice for the sake of the whole; it is about sacrificing the purpose of life, which is to know God. This is more than a problem. It is an effort to stop the evolution of humanity. There is no room for the unique expression of the individual and no room for the individual’s unique relationship to God. In fact, the effort is to get the Divine out of the picture. The Divine interferes with the dark side plans. It isn’t just turning away from spirituality, but it is against spirituality because it is a fundamental threat to the larger dark design to enslave and to take your life force.

The currency of the universe is not gold or silver or your money. The currency of the universe is nefesh or Life Force. Life Force is extracted from people in order to gain power. This is what we’re seeing today in the efforts to dumb people down.

How do we maintain the importance of creative expression? If we look at compost, we see that there are many organisms alive within it. They work as a synergy, but they are unique organisms. If you only have one organism in the compost, it’s going to short-circuit the composting process. This is a profound metaphor because compost means life. The cycle moves from death to life. From what we call garbage there is the creation of life.  When that cycle is jammed, and we don’t have the full compliment of organisms, it dies.

Society is about trying to create healthy compost. The power of the human being is the ability to create the compost in the beginning and to allow the compost to flourish into life-giving soil. That is the power of humanity – the creation of life. Life is a complete working together of energies in order to bring livingness. Everyone in the world is a part of this compost bin.

If people are going to be pressed into a Borg where there cannot be contrary opinions, then they cannot create their own lives when their opinions deviate from political correctness of uniform thought within the Borg. This means they cannot follow a spiritual path because that may offend the Borg. Here the compost dies. Life dies. Slavery is created. This arrests spiritual evolution.

Our task is to refuse to surrender to the Borg. We must be unique individuals at every stage and level of our lives. We must maintain our uniqueness and our own personal composting, contributing to the evolution of the greater whole. May everyone be blessed that we are able to maintain our unique expressions to uplift both ourselves and those around us. Amen

1 The Borg is a Star Trek reference for a cybernetically enhanced race that was assimilating other races by force.