Raw vs. Cooked

There are thousands of food enzymes and phytonutrients out there, but only about 2,000 of them do we know much of anything about. But, there is one thing for certain – heat changes them all and cooking depletes the nutrients from the food and contributes to human illness.

Now I know, as with any good argument, there are two sides. There have been claims that raw food causes digestive issues and bloating. If this is an issue you face, you can try increasing the number of times that you chew your food. The optimal amount of “chews” have been listed between 50 to 80 depending on the food you’re eating. Think about it like this…the more digestion done in your mouth, the easier it will be for the digestion in your stomach!

Not only is there a depletion in the nutrient content, the exposure to high temperatures actually increases carcinogens, which is dangerous to human health. Because this process destroys so much of the nutrient content, we are forced to need more of the food in order to get the necessary nutrients. This naturally leads to diseases like obesity and diabetes.

If cooking in oil, the oil itself actually loses its anti-oxidant properties. The structure of fat cells is shifted from cis to trans. In other words, the actual fat molecules in your food are going from good to bad.  When food is cooked, so many changes begin happening, and not in a good way. 

Although there is some debate when it comes to digestion, overall you will get more nutrients and greater health benefits from food it its most natural, raw state.