Radiation Meditation


Visualizing and Feeling the Cellular Knowing of the Transmutation of Radiation into the Light of Consciousness


The intention of this visualization, feeling, and knowing is to transmute the light of radiation into the light of Consciousness.  It is an intention of transmuting and nullifying the dark force behind the radiation as well as the radiation itself into an energy that will accelerate global spiritual evolution and enlightenment.  In a variation of understanding the principle that what we send out with our thoughts returns to us multiplied, the darkness of the radiation that has been sent out, returns as the transmuting light of enlightenment for the healing of Mother Earth and the consciousness of humanity.  Mother Earth does not want her living population to be eliminated, as it is part of her.  As we share this radiation transmutation experience, we want to send divine love, sound, and light to the planet and to the very heart of Mother Earth, connecting our hearts with hers.  Radiate and share the only things we really want to share with everyone: our light, love, joy, peace, health, wealth, and happiness… to touch the hearts of every being to feel more love now… remembering that as we radiate light, nothing that is not of the light can affect us, and nothing is more powerful than love.

We ask you to do this every day for at least three minutes at noon in your particular time zone.  The power of the increasing radiation may be eliminated with the spaced repetition of the shared intention as outlined below. Although it may appear inconvenient, it is only requiring us as light workers to commit at least three minutes seven days a week to transmute these energies.  This gift of service allows us to exude more positive energy during this holy time of transformation. We suggest you share this experience each day at noon utilizing the heart chakra (the main magnetic, electrical, and consciousness-transferring field in the body) as an amplifier to transform the energy of the planet. It is useful to remember, in doing this shared intention that nuclear radiation is a negative light and can be transformed by the frequency of the blue white light within the zero-point of the very center of your DNA.

If you are doing this technique inside of a true bio-scalar EE System, a live internet audio and/or video stream can further augment our intentions throughout the World Wide Web, (the external manifestation of the global mind link), so that people can tune in to and feel this powerful connection all over the earth.  Please feel free to search YouTube under “Radiation Meditation” to join in at noon your time.


Visualizing and feeling the embodiment of cellular knowing that the nuclear radiation has already been transmuted into the light of consciousness now:

1.    Begin by vibrating three repetitions of the sacred Yod or Om sound.
2.    Feel the blue white light being activated within your DNA, which naturally transmutes the red free radicals within to healthy molecules, repairing your DNA and transmuting all the other free radicals created from radiation toxicity.
3.    If you have had access to the true bio-scalar waves of the EESystem, which actively repairs the DNA and creates fields for nullifying radiation and destructive energies within a 2 ½ mile radius, then, in your mind, if you are not actually sitting in an EESystem at this moment, project yourself into where you have been in an EESystem in a past or future memory.
4.    Feel that blue white light begin to expand from every cell and DNA pattern in your body, and begin to let it move around our world, red and inflamed with radiation, and see now the world being enveloped in this blue white light, which transforms the pathological red radiation into the blue white light of Consciousness.
5.    Now project the blue white light from your heart into the great central heart of Mother Earth.  Feel that deep personal heart connection and oneness.
6.    Then visualize a column of light coming down from the heavens penetrating from the South Pole root chakra of Mother Earth upwards into her heart and extending up through her North Pole crown chakra all the way back up returning to the heavens completing a standing columnar wave infinitely looping.  Simultaneously visualize a column of light coming down from the heavens penetrating the North Pole crown chakra of Mother Earth downwards to her heart and extending down through her South Pole root chakra all the way back up returning to the heavens again.  All light coming together and radiating infinite love.
7.    Send this blue white light out through your heart chakra to be carried on all communication wave frequencies from internet, TV, and scalar wave devices.
8.    End with three repetitions of the sacred Yod or Om sound and feel these vibrations filling the galaxy to infinity.