Presence & Timelessness

When we’re in the Presence, there is no time. The concept of time vanishes, and things happen as they’re supposed to. Time creates a significantly different orientation. When there’s time, there’s a goal. When there is the concept of time, the end justifies the means. This doesn’t happen when you’re in the Presence.

In the interest of time, we begin justifying actions. Whether it be Mao, who killed 100 million people, because they were taking too long to understand and follow his agenda; or whether it be Stalin or Hitler, they are all the same. They pushed their ideas of revolution, but the minute the end justifies the means, we’re in trouble. These are dramatic historical examples; however, it is still going on today.

We saw the same thing at Standing Rock. The end was the pipeline deadline, and the means was shooting people, spraying them with cold water before sunset in extreme temperatures, creating frost bite, and so forth. These harsh actions were justified by their ends. But the Native Americans were in the Presence. How were they in the presence? They were praying. These were prayer camps. Here we saw a very serious contrast between a time-based situation and a prayer-based situation. The time-based consciousness leads to a much lower mentality.

In our lives, it’s the same story. People allow themselves to be controlled by time. We are trapped in time rather than free in the Presence. As a result, we lose our focus. We lose our focus on the Six Foundations. We lose our focus on how we’re living our lives. Paradoxically, we need to relate to time in a reasonable way. We may need to catch an airplane, for example. There is a role for chronological time, but, more importantly, there is a role for Consciousness and being in the Presence. When one is in the Presence regarding chronological time, Consciousness then controls time and not the other way around. If you’re in time, consciousness is affected by time and the ends justify the means. This is an extremely important principle in spiritual life. The more we are in the Presence, the more that we are in a witness state, and we work with time, space, and energy to create the appropriate space for love, peace, meaning, value, and spirituality. This supports the unfolding of our spiritual lives.

We do have to manage time, space, and energy, which is different than being controlled by it. We cannot simply say, “There is no time, and nothing is happening.” That is an abuse of the principle. On the Tree of Life, we have the balance of chesed and gevurah. Chesed is in the Presence, while gevurah includes boundaries and production. You can work hard and still be in a place of peace within the Presence. When chesed and gevurah work together we have tiferet (beauty). We are still working within time, but we are having a vastly different experience of it. We are still in space, but we are having a vastly different experience of it. We are also in the timeless, yet we work within time. In spiritual life, we need to consciously integrate both, and hold the witness in the Presence.

May we be blessed with mastery of the ability to manage time, space, and energy while being in the Presence from that perspective of understanding.