Peace with the Physical Body

PEACE WITH THE BODY IS THE FIRST LEVEL OF AWARENESS. From the Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 4: “First shall the Son of Man seek Peace with his own body, for his body is as a mountain pond that reflects the sun when it is still and clear; but when it is full of mud and stones, it reflects nothing.”

There are three aspects of developing peace with the body: (1) the body as its own ecological unit; (2) the body as a planetary cell in our global organism; and (3) the cosmic body.We’ll look at all three in this chapter.

The Essenes perceived the body as the manifestation of the laws of life and the cosmos. They studied the body because they saw it as a key to the universe, following the principle “as above, so below.” The body is the underlying functionality of the mind. So we think, so we feel. To find peace within our universe,within our community, and within ourselves, we must enrich the biological unit that houses our minds and souls.

On this level, nature gives us seven healers:

• A functionally appropriate diet for the demands of daily life and
for our spiritual life (ultimately, these are the same)
• Fresh air
• Pure water
• Adequate sunlight
• Exercise
• Rest
• Emotional, mental, and spiritual harmony

In our lives,we often become too busy working on our other projects to get the twenty minutes of sunlight we need each day, the pure water that once existed abundantly for all, the moderate exercise we need at least three times a week, unpolluted air outdoors, or adequate sleep and rest for our bodies.When we decide to commit ourselves to peace on every level, it is surprising how easy it is to create the time to make peace with the body.Without bringing nature’s seven healers into our lives, it is difficult to discharge toxins from the body and allow the body to regenerate itself adequately. Consequently, our physical body slowly stops functioning in a healthy way and bodily dis-ease and disharmony begin to predominate.My experience is that it usually takes about two years to establish a stable program to maintain peace with the physical body.

Peace with the Diet

Developing an appropriate diet for all aspects of our lives is a complete practice on its own. To be at peace with the diet requires artful intelligence in combination with trial and error. It is important to realize that the exact diet for each person needs to be individualized with regard to the amount one eats, the timing of meals, and what one eats. A first step toward developing an appropriate diet is to be clear about the purposes of the diet. From the point of view of creating peace with the body, the
main idea is to eat in a way that maintains and enhances the God communion in the preparation of the food, the eating of it, and the digesting of it. In Spiritual Nutrition: Six Foundations for Spiritual Life and the Awakening of Kundalini, the goal of eating was described as “not to live to eat, or eat to live, but to eat in order to enhance one’s communion with the Divine.”

A harmonious diet helps us honor, maintain, and purify the body as the physical aspect of the spirit and as the temple for the spirit in a way that keeps our minds clear and our bodies physically able to cope with the demands of our unfoldment. For example, if we eat excess sweets and throw our body out of balance into hypoglycemia, the unsteady blood sugar makes it difficult to experience sustained and deep meditations or to stay focused on a project. Blood sugar swings also contribute to periods
of emotional lability, depression, or hyper-irritable states.We need an appropriate diet to help us assimilate, store, and conduct the heightened cosmic energies now being generated on this planet and to enable us to handle the intensified energy released through our own spiritual development. A diet that brings peace to our body supports us in all aspects of our lives from our physical work to our spiritual endeavors.

The following was an excerpt from Dr. Cousens’ book Creating Peace by Being Peace. Download the rest of the chapter to read more about Peace with the Physical Body.