Netzach; Spiritual Endurance

One of the great wisdoms on the spiritual path is netzach, meaning spiritual endurance. It may seem trivial to compare spiritual endurance with long-distance running, but the truth is that when one is running a long-distance race, one must have a certain pace that supports its completion.

One also has to have motivation, which is where the word faith comes in. Faith is not something to believe because someone said so. Faith is based direct experience. Once one experiences inner truth and the soul, then, even though one may not feel it in the moment, one has faith that the truth is there. This is a key component to the netzach of perseverance. It takes a very wise person to create this steadiness.

Part of that wisdom is not being egocentrically flashy, appearing to be highly spiritual. Rather, one is very steady within oneself and knows enough about this inner wisdom to find a sustainable pace. If one is running a marathon, it is not wise to sprint the first mile and get exhausted. One must find a pace that will carry them the 26 miles. 

In spiritual life, the pace picks up in the sense that one gets stronger the longer one is able to focus on the light. It gets easier to focus on the light, and, therefore, one’s ability to sustain that intensity improves. It is important to nurture oneself so that one may grow the internal motivation to stay on the path and to hold that energy. This is why I have created the Six Foundations and the Sevenfold Peace. These are generalizations of all spiritual paths to help people gain the skills needed along the way. The Six Foundations and Sevenfold Peace are fundamental for sustaining the race.

Nourish the spiritual hunger within. This remains the most important thing one can do. We all have our own individual dharma (meaningful work). Dharma is our unique service that elevates us spiritually. Everyone has this. Everyone also has a bigger dharma, which is simply to know God. All of these come together, yet the key is to create a pace and a rhythm in life in which one can grow stronger and stronger.

May everyone be blessed that we can create that sustainability of netzach in our lives and to know that great wisdom. Amen.