The Synergistic Power of MegaDefense

I’ve been working with American, Ayurvedic, and Chinese herbs for more than 40 years. I’ve tested and tried many combinations and products from many different companies. I’ve also been working with NCD (Natural Cellular Defense) since it came out 12 years ago. My clinical experience for myself and my clients is that, overall, Mega Defense is simply the best immune modulator and enhancer that’s available in the world today.

megadefense bottleThe question is, why is it so impressive? Perhaps it’s simply an extraordinarily rare alchemical synergy that’s come together beyond the technical prowess of its creators. From a scientific point of view, it is an extraordinary synergy of 6 healing and immune modulating mushrooms. These mushrooms are Agaricus blazei, Lentinula edodes (shitake), Grifola frondosa (maitake), Coriollus versicolor, Ganoderma lucidum (reishi), and Cordyceps sinensis. Each of these mushroom species offers a slightly different polysaccharide infrastructure, which allows the Mega Defense to activate many more different types of immune receptors than simply beta-glucans, activating natural killer cells (NK).

Research shows, most excitedly, that Mega Defense activates all 260 classes of immune cells and, therefore, gives a dynamic, extraordinary, full spectrum immune complex effect. This full spectrum includes both a combination of both water soluble, heteropolysaccharides, and high molecular weight, non-soluble, triple helix beta-glucans. Additionally, they are alchemically micronized through a proprietary process that yields a maximum particle size of less than 40 microns (an optimal biological size) making it instantly bioavailable.

Historically, all mushroom-derived polysaccharide immune modulators have been extracted from a single species of fungi – theoretically allowing for stimulation of only a single immune triggering receptor (as opposed to 260). These 260 include a wide range of different cellular receptors, each of which attach to different structural types and sizes of polysaccharide molecules. The Mega Defense advantage is that it stimulates multiple receptors and multiple structural binding, creating multiple mechanisms of action, facilitating the trigger of a broad spectrum of immune responses. The idea of multi-receptor activation is the key theory behind the development of Mega Defense and its ability to activate the full range of immune responses in the human body.

Additionally, each of the 6 mushroom species has its own unique blend of anti-infective and immuno-modulating agents, which include polysaccharides, glycoproteins, ergosterols, and triterpenoids. Mega Defense also includes all of the biologically active components of the medicinal mushrooms including mycelium, the fruit bodies, the spores, and the extra-cellular compounds produced throughout the entire cycle of the organism. Also, its beta-glucan count is the highest ever seen in this type of product. Beta-glucans are unique compounds found in the cell walls of yeast, which trigger powerful immune responses against viral, bacterial, fungal, parasitic, and neo-plastic invaders. Beta-glucans also have powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenging capacities. In summary, the mechanism of action in Mega Defense involves an amazing synergy of over 200 highly purified immunologically active bioavailable heteropolysaccharides and 1,3-1,6 beta-glucan compounds. This synergy activates all 260 classes of immune cells, including NK cells, T cells, macrophages, and many others.

Combined with this alchemical 6 healing mushroom super-synergy is the use of NCD, which I’ve also been working with since it was released 7 years ago. Natural zeolites, which NCD is made of is the result of a powerful natural alchemy between volcanic lava and saline water. Zeolites are powerful chelating structures. This particular zeolite structure has been used for over 800 years in places like India, China, and Russia. Like the preparation of the 6 mushrooms, the NCD creation of the zeolite is a highly scientific and powerful process, which involves two major steps. The first is micronization. For the zeolite to work on a systemic level the crystals must be no larger than 8 microns. In NCD they range from .39 to 5 microns in size, which allows it to directly enter the bloodstream.

The second aspect that makes Mega Defense’s NCD unique is a proprietary process that removes all the natural heavy metals and toxins from it. In other words, zeolite is a powerful chelator and pulls toxins out of the environment. The logical thing to do is to empty its shell of all toxins, which is known as an activation process, and which empties the total zeolite cage of all metals and toxins. The result is that it has the highest level of drawing power possible. I have found it highly successful in pulling heavy metals, depleted uranium, pesticides, and herbicides out of the system and have noted this my clinical research. Although zeolite doesn’t actually stimulate the immune system, it acts as an immune modulator by removing the heavy metal toxins, pesticides, herbicides, viruses, yeasts, bacteria, and fungi, which weaken the immune system. In contrast, the 6-mushroom blend modulates the immune system by cellular signaling to activate all 260 immune modulator receptor sites. Both NCD and the 6 mushrooms also provide powerful antioxidant protection and anticancer effects. The NCD has an anticancer effect by activating apoptosis and the P21 tumor suppressor gene.

Although many people talk about Mega Defense’s ability to heal cancer, my clinical assessment is that it has extraordinary ability to modulate everyone’s immune system, yielding powerful protection against everyday immune stresses that people face from myriad vectors in the modern world. For this preventative health reason, I recommend it to all my clients on a daily basis as a super immune shield and whenever they are entering higher stress situations, such as air travel, chemtrail exposure, or stressful emotional, social situations, and for other immune system stressors, such as periods of less sleep.

What the FDA allows to be discussed about Mega Defense is that it supports NK cell activity; plays a role in immune system modulation; helps protect cells; helps remove heavy metals and toxins; promotes overall health and well-being; nourishes the digestive system; supports a healthy cardiovascular system; supports normal blood sugar levels; and protects against free radical damage. The NCD component also protects us from the daily toxic exposures we all face including radiation. In this combination, I see Mega Defense as an extremely practical preventative and protective shield for daily living.

Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), DD, Diplomate Ayurveda, Diplomate American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine

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